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person above me
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person above me
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person above me
Here's how you play - 

^Type summat about the last person to post (person above you)
< Say summat about yourself
v Predict something about the next person to post

I'll start.

^No one there 
<Is bored
v Umm...likes cheese
^    likes pool
<    hates cheese
\/   likes pool
^ has good taste in music
< is having a bad day
v will not be me
^ is NOT a sore loser :p
< can be sometimes
v is female
^likes FOD
<is a female
vlikes music
^Has a sniper rifle
<laid back. lol 
~Likes squirrels.

^ relaxed
< has no sniper wants 1 really bad :p 
v is going 2 reply after me :p
^ is not cute
< is cute
v is not cute

.....X..... B-)
<crown of reversi
v thinks im showin off :(

i liek this topic :)
^ is a wast of space on earth
< may not be a Moderator much longer
v is going to say something about me
Great at graphics
Love doing graphics
Will ask for pic to be done for them?
hey x! wat u mean me not cute? well.........*restrains herself from punching him the nose* >:(

^ does great pix :)
< wouldnt mind a pic if its not any trouble
v is going 2 say i aint cute again :( (my bf thinks i is :(*
^ is not cute :p
< wants ppl to stop saying dumb things in this :p
v will say something not dumb ! :p
^ meanie lol
< felling bad now :p
v is a guy (maybe :p)
^ is not playing the game properly :| !
< is getting beaten by a very lucky guy in snooker !
v will do this properly !!!and likes beans on toast :D
^tooo funny
< Laughing hysterically :D
needs a smoke now ;\
^ needs their own smoke :p
< doesnt smoke
v will smoke

^ not very bright,

< smoke free zone,

v nobody else posts.

The End.
^Great quotes
<Still relaxed
vHugs trees
^weird and funny (sometimes :p)
<claps bac on ppl who start ****
v will say dat i cant use propa gramma :(
^thats me :)
<dont care no more nd give this to MASH  :D 
v will say im gettn banned :(
^ has grammar problems:(
< getting ready to go to the gym B-)
v concept answering more topics:(

^ getting buff :p
< aint bright at all :p
v wont b me :p

ty Andy :)
^ never excersices :(
< leaving off to work :|
v sad for the hek of itB-)
^ Lazy
< See's dead people
v smells :p
^ needs the toilet 
< goes to the toilet 
v watches tony blair and laughs at his record breaking ears :p
^ sick of ppl lol 
< does exorcise so HA! :p
v will say im lieing about something
^ not good looking :|
< wants to see a pic of X-Honna B-)
v honna saying i dont have any pics:(
^Wants to see Arie
<Has seen Arie
vThis is Arie
^ lol x-bf Chris :p (hi Chris! hows u?)
< will try 2 get ...x... a pic ;)
v will say sumthing about me :p
^ wants to go out with me :|
< has a gf B-)
v honna posting her pic for me:)
^ has a wife! lol
< is not X Honna with a pic...(sry to burst ur bubble bro lol:p)
v is even sadder then me keepin this topic going :D
^ is not me
< does not want 2 go out with ..x.. and has no pic yet but does have a bf so HA
v will b ...x... or Chris
^ wrong name is Kevin :p

< I think it is kevin

v says what are u on about or lmao or lol or rotfl
^ what is he on about, rofl
< thinks is about time someone put this post out of its misery
v will put this post out of its misery
^ wants someone to put this post out of misery
< doesnt intend to put this post out of its misery
v Hopes the next person doesnt so sore loser can be a sore loser :)
^ :S:S weired
< Needs shower
v just came out for shower and is gna say what are u on about
^ is iwerd :p
< is crazy and out of her mind :p
v will b out of their mind :p
^ thx for keepin this goin (didnt think itd last :D)
< is not very happy with euan :|/* !
v will be euan saying sorry :|!
^Thinks he is the best
< Knows he is the best
v Is fat, American, and probably has a gyro scooter to ferry himself from the television to the fridge.

Is not really No_1

Gets annoyed at those who think they know everything cause I really do

v Disagrees with <
grrr suit you posted at same time :_|
 ^ Is fat, American, and probably has a gyro scooter to ferry himself from the television to the fridge.

< I disagree with '<'

v will declare themselves bankrupt
^ hoping thats not fate
< just bought a pub
v gonna give me sum good news
^ likes gettin drunk
< is gettin there
v smells of poo :p
^ must be rich
< is happy for ^ for buying a pub and just ate ice cream
v will not be me
^ replied b4 me
< is watchin sleeping with the enemy
v wont reply b4 me
^ makes no sense coz...
< ive replied b4 u? ?:|:p
v need 2 giv ther head a wobble
^ is amusing sumtimes
< is bankrupt! i need a job man...
v theyre name will begin with D
^ a nice girl :)
< smells very goodB-)
v stinks:(
^ smells very bad
< Doesn't smell bad smells like roses
v looks like a monkey (please be Veriac) (joking :p)
^doesnt like Veriac
<wonders y i aint bin banned in so long :)
v wants me banned immediatly
^ worries 2 much
< waiting 2 dy
v will tell me not 2 say that
^ hurry up and Die
< playing rubbish
v is gna be X honna saying thanks
‹patiently waitin for xhonna to get outta her misery
v xhonna dyed her hair!:O
^ is :S:S:S weired
< isn't phsyco (i live in a mental institution but im a guest)
v concept agen probablly
^lmfao funny :p
<gone to mivies :D
v gone to be exorcist again :|
^ seen the film
< still use the "asl" formula  ya posted
v Doesnt abuse me verbally
^ is nice
< doesnt abuse him atall and bleached her hair while waiting 2 die
v will b a person :p
^ looking for a pic :)
< waiting for pic :|
< stinks :(
^ only stinks at being patient
< is looking 4 a pic
v like 2 play on FOD
^ loves FOD
< fod is getting boring
v sum 1 giveing me a huge lecture
^wuts this about?
< is confused
v Concept nxt:p?
^ wrong
< Exorcist (-h-2-o)
v superkid saying :O what
^ is funny
< loved FOD (Kevin more tho :p)
v will b a guy :p

^ wrong
< Tran :p
v will be x honna saying :O
^ is a girl :o
< thot she was a dude :o lol :p
v is a grl :p
^ right i am a girl lieing bout my name :p
< definetly a girl last time i checked anyway
v X honna add me 2 ur msn earsnhaw10@hotmail.com ;) thnx
^ my zx spectrum is outdated!
< Hmm....
v Hmmmm....
^ hmmmmmmmmmm
< doesnt hav a im yet :( (daddy not want it downloaded on his computer :p
v is a person telling me a way 2 get im anyway :p
^ like this game :D good init
< likes watchin wat ppl put 
v gonna thank me for bringin game ere :p
^ think im going to say ty but i aint :p
< wondering if i should say ty
v wondering if they should say ty
^newb trynna get his posts up
<still tryin to get my posts up :p
v suit sayin he has more posts than any1 on FOD :|
^ thinks i was suit
< not suit and suks at this game :p
v is a good player
^ thinks im a good played :D
< waitng for pic [img=
v stinks :(
^ u stink
< i just suk
v will say things :p
^ neva played u 
< Neva played my self
V never played eaither

p.s u all stink :p
^dont know you 
<i dont know me :p
v maybe i know you ?:|
^ dont no u
< also dont no herself (searching)
v is a person asking wat we talking about :p
^Should stop bieng so repetetive, unoriginal, and wanting to be involved in everything
<Cynical, arrogant, rude, bored and I havent got the most posts ever on flyordie
v Moderator locking this topic

^ sounds like a real jerk just like they say ;\
< doesnt want 2 b involved in everything and has more pals then suit (not a com-back)
v suit trying 2 make a come-back
^ calm it people
< hmmmm.....
v X-Honna givin me a wave!
^gets laughed with
< wonders who has the most posts on FOD
v tells me who has the most posts :)
^ No clue who has the most posts
<I know who Electric Rainbow is ;)
V will know who has the most posts :p
^ nos who electric rainbow is
< waves at andy
v is a person
^ is correct :p
< *thinks*...do i know Miserlou..?:|
v will definately know person with most posts:D
^ Is an old bud of <
< :)/* waves to old bud
v may be bud waving back or may just be someone that aint a bud but wantin to be a new bud :D

^ big *\:p/* to my old bud Sore  how goes it?
< will now have a good day :)
v wont know me ;\
^ doesnt remember me  lol :D
< Still knows Electric ;)
v asks for .....X..... pic  lol (AGAIN)
^ knows me but I dont remember them :_|
< confused (easily done!):p
v Miserlou finally puts me out of my misery and tells me who they r B-)
^thinks im miserlou
<is best player on fod :D
v someone tellin me im not :'(

hehe nice post :p
^ thinks ur fibbin bigtime hehe :p
< knows UK Hardy, not seen him 4 a long time :D/*
v UK in retaliation ;\
^seems to know me :s
< wants to know who.. :D
V electric gonna tell me :p
^ he forgot! obviously my shooting skills left a good impression...NOT :p
< *jogs UKs memory* was a while ago.....both friends of marc ;-)
v UK still none the wiser ;\
^doesn't know what happened to marc :(
<starting to remember
V electric confused :D
^ woo hoo...remembers :)
<(always confuddled :p) misses marc lots :(
v may know marc, maybe marc :D
^ .........
< dont no marc
v will no marc
^ stinks :|
< doesn't know miserlou.... :|
v stinks :(
^ sux
< aint giving ....X.... pic now 
v will b ....X.... saying w/e or sum stupid shiz liek that

^breath in and relax
< gives X-Honna a wave
v doesnt care(I got a crazy streak lol)
^ crazy
> crazy
v wheres the moderators when need them,ban them for that crazy reply lol
Now in English lol....v Where are the moderators when needed? ban this person for that crazy reply 
^crazy lol
<crazier :p
vjust a person
^ types alot

< tired

will comment
^ annoyed with my replys :p
< does typ alot and will keep doing so :p
v sum1 saying sumthing about it :p
^ wrong post lookin for granny

< still tired

v try a witty comment but fail
<hates meeces to pieces
v has read War and Peace(TWICE)
^ prob read 10 times
< never heard of book 
v saying SHUT UP
^ got hacked today
< praying to god this post ends soon
v will disagree with me
^ eats feet

< at work

v x-honna
^ uses sex wax
< is 21 today
V ^ again :p
^ happy b-day
< wants pressies
v give me pressies :p
^ plays moku

<still at work

V happy birthday mile :D
^ scared of me in Moku
< wants 2 play ^ in moku
v saying where and when


^ is ready 2 play
< happy b-day loser :)
v is anouther person
^ tomorow where and when
< definetly gna win
v Hey x (agen)
^ is an idiot :p
< argh urself :p
v hi :p
^ ello :p
< is No1_Player but they ban my name ! :( 
v gonna tel me how much they love me :(
^ i love you
< :D
v loves me too.

:p :p :p :p ! :p :p :p :p
^stinks :(
> smells very nice :)
v stinks :(
^ really full of himself
< is a girl being bored
v is ....X.... being even more full of himself
^ X-( ffs there's 5 dots on each side X-( is that so hard to see????
< Loves himself :)
v stinks :_|
^ is moody
< doesnt stink cuz has Joop on :)
v might Stink
^ dusn't stink
< dusn't last time I checked
v stinks 100%
^ stinks 101%
< dusnt stink :)
V stinks of B.O

^ cheeky brat ! :p
< admits i smelll :( 102%
v admit they smell too


:p :p :p
:p :p

^ lol is funny
< is boring and dont like ..x..
v is anouther player
^ feaky
< ok i admit I Smell :( like roses :D
v smells like a beautiful woman ;)
^stinks :(
< waiting for honna's pic :| im cool with you :p and doesnt smells like a beautiful woman :|
v even if he/she has taken a shower still stinks :|
^ takes a smelly person 2 no a smelly person :p
< dont stink and trying 2 get pic just give me a sec :p sry
v dunno if the stink or not
^ is Correct
< i stink badly. :p
v but this guy stinks worse?:(

:p :p :p
:p :p