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New Idea
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New Idea
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New Idea
I think that Flyordie should have a new option for Billiards, I was wondering if it can have the option to have doubles, What i mean by that is that if you had a friend who plays with you on flyordie you could play together against other doubles.

Is this possible?
Please reply
not a bad idea

a terrible idea

lol joking

class idea 
Thanks guys, Get more people like MOD's to see it and mabe they might like it
It may have been mentioned more than once, but who said it's impossible to happen this time?
I agree it would be quite a bit more enjoyable so I think it should happen. Anyone disagree?
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It's not going to work is it?
no attention :( :'(

o well 

:D plz start thinking about this FlyOrDie

;) :D:D
i just wanna be on a team with my mates :)

i suggested that about 7 months ago, nothing changed
Yes, that's a good idea. I also think that in Snooker, Fod should create dots where the coloured balls are placed because i always end up snookering myself :(. i know this idea has been posted before but nothing was done about it:p

Airfusion ;)
yes good idea, i snooker myself alot too. dots would be perfect:)