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Ideas :p
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Dear Moderators
Ideas :p
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Dear Moderators
Ideas :p
o dear:( i forgot wut i was gonna say

will post back wen i remember what my idea was;)
day 3 and still couldn't think of it? lol this is funny keep trying ;) try not to over work your brain.
i havent actually been thinking about it

but i WILL remember;)
Which begs the question why you bothered to post and waste forum space in the place...
i remembered:D

I think that in snooker, if we make a snooker and our opponent doesn't hit the ball he needs 2, we should be able to make them retake the same shot until they do hit it.

What u think:p?

no, that would make the game easier. im not sayin that the game is easy (for any smart*** that replys saying the game isn't easy). also why would you want them to retake that shot? if they miss you clear on them; simple. and IF  they do miss a red color and YOU pass there are a large variety of reds to shoot at.
well, i ment u can choose if u wanna make them retake. If u got a good chance of potting anyway, it aint worth it, but if there is nothing left on, make them try again:p


ummm did you realise that the game is called 
I agree with supers idea, if you look a professional snooker, if the opponent misses the shot (from snookered position) and the player decides there is not a shot on, then he can call a re-take...The only problem would be is people using the retake over and over again whether a pot of not...:s
Agreed:Dbut would It might be a bit complicated for FOD to call a miss or not.

On the same note of ideas, if you are snookered behind a red and u need a colour u should have to call which colour you are going for.
good idea but will not work i dont think cause ive been and seen alot of snookers were theres no chance of gettin out on fod and they could keep makin em re-take...
This has been mentioned a long time ago. I beleive at that time it was decided it was far too complex to determine when the "Foul and Miss" rule could be applied.

oo ye! I was right, go me:D it's my birthday