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Reet, i wanna start playing again so FlyOrDie can i subscribe this name...

And 90% of the times i open up Internet Explorer it says 
send error report!
 and its well ! annoying anybody know how i could fix this please?


Scotty :p :p :p Rism Is King ;)
Is this the same scotty who has been banned an uncountable number of times? For Swearing and stalking and harrassing people who didnt bother him in the slightest? 

If so i don't think you should be allowed to come play again in Flyordie, and personally, sorry to say it but i hope that error keeps coming up.
Vote? :p

Who wants me back :) 
Who wants me gone forever :(

Yes meaning you want me gone?

Ok lets start over.

Should Scotty be allowed to play?


*100% yes so far ;)
i want scotty gone forever he was never nice to me or anyone i know

50% yes
50% no current status ^
You got my vote Scotty, Yes come back:D
come bac..more playas to play mor pts to take :)
Too Slow fancy telling me who you are then, :p

And Concept i know the original a little he's alright but the copy dont know you dont want to ;)

I think im in front at moment then :p 

I just wanna come back and try get some crowns with my name name on them ! 

Anything wrong with that? :p


btw hello rism :p werever you are :(

And Hiya ! Tara how ya doin :P not seen you in a while :)

:p :p :p
Anyway anyone know how to fix my IE problem when i open it a grey box comes up and says Send error report or Dont send error report when i do Send one i still dont know what happens if its been reported or what! 

Right going out now be back tonight to see if anythings changed :p

Ty Scotty
:p :p :p
I'm just someone you treated like S**t while u were unbanned, i do hope for your sake that you 
 in fact changed.
Well firstly you should calm down your language :p 
you seem pretty annoyed at me ?:|
fancy tellin us who you are and ill be good no matter who you are i just want to be liked now :p

Dear Scotty, 

I have not sworn, that word can mean anything but i think you catch my drift....as for telling you who i am, keep dreaming, i don't trust you in the slightest to believe anything you are saying is true...as i said before, i hope for your sake that you have in fact changed, otherwise things won't be looking too nice for you if you get banned again.
Dear Too Slow,

Fine or Kellsie?

My guess is Fine how about i dont talk to you and you dont talk to me !

Then we are both happy :)

:p :p :p
You can't say anything about me ;)....how bout you stay away from me and anything that has to do with me and we will be cool.
hi i cant play on any games. I get a white screen sayin that my browser may not support the features, i hav the latest browser, iv bin on the flyordie support page and done every thing it says to do on that. Has any1 els had this prob plz email me the solution to championmobile@hotmail.com
Scotty is a good person, and he has always been very nice to me... I think he's cool:D ;)
have the same problem scotty can someone please tell us how to sort. Marybe Veriac would be the man to sort it;)

What a silly subject  wont even take time to reply

oooops :O
Rism is here! :p

Dvpyyu = king!

Qrsvju = queen!

Zsc = jester!

Thats true ! and :p

Rism = Hpf !
Wouldnt go that far, lol!