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how come more people dont....
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how come more people dont....
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how come more people dont....
how come more people dont play snooker in the pro snooker room???
ive yet to see it with more then 16 people in it...

they should atleast make the pockets smaller on the small snooker table then.
people play snooker like 9 ball and sink almost impossible shots, either that or they fluke them...
I think that FOD should let non-subscribers have a week where they can go in the pro rooms and be able to challenge and play - a trial period if you like!

None of the present subscribers use it, I don't see how that pays for FOD to keep the game running. At least giving non-subs the chance to play of their own free will for a week, might get the interest in a few more playing there regulary and a few more subscriptions. Failing that they should just forget the idea and concentrate on the original game more, like adding touching ball, being able to lift the cueball over other balls in the D because it's too small and just enlarging the snooker tables slightly so that it is less like the 8 and 9 ball sized tables.
well it did seem to b a lot of playas wen the trny was runnin fo da month..btw who won dat?
I agree with voodooman. im sure that would be a lot of fun for the non subs. it will deffently help buisness out for FOD. 
FOD has given everyone a rating.  I think there doing there part to make nonsubscribers happy.  it's $20 a yr, comon now!
Ratings aren't everything!

Anyone who runs a business type venture sometimes have to bite the bullet just to get people interested. If FOD want more subs, then it's about time they did something about it or else they just aren't gonna get the support they need to keep the games going. 

My suggestion previously was an idea for promoting FOD, at the moment Yahoo! games are more appealing than the ones on this site. No restrictions, no begging for money!
lol i disagree wit u there...yaho is garbage compared to dis site
I didn't say that Yahoo was better, just more appealing!

FOD should improve on what they've got before trying to create something that isn't fully accessable to all. It seems as though now, they are just starting to look after the ones who pay, rather than their regular, faithful players. If FOD added rules such as touching ball, freeball and just enlarged the snooker tables slightly for a different feel to the pool tables (as they should be), then I'm sure more non-subscribers wouldn't mind as much.
if there were no restrictions for non subs then why would anyone pay?  be realistic and try not to let that $20 burn a whole in your pocket!  :)

Sounds like it's a good job that we don't have $ in the UK, they seem to be a fire hazard!

I'm guessing you pay. One more biased opinion, I hate that.
Dear Voodooman,

Please elaborate on this issue a little bit. You say FOD should improve in some areas to be more appealing than yahoo.
You mention these things:

 - touching ball
Well, is it in yahoo pool? I doubt it.

 - free ball

Yahoo doesn't even have snooker, is there a free ball rule in pool?

 - enlarged snooker tables

I guess there are some already... (plus see previous point)

 - isn't fully accessable to all

Have you heared about the Yahoo Games All-Star membership for 60$ per year that brings some additional benefits like ability to play 9-ball, which is for example free in FoD?

 - begging for money

See previous point. FOD gives you the possibility to pay if you do not want to see ads, unlike Yahoo. Do you feel this begging?

Sorry for one more biased opinion,


Good reasearch and well said :p

:p :p :p

Voodooman's reply ?:|
Ahh..what a finisher. Very well put OP. :p'
yahoo rocks...i LOVE yahoo...lmao oh and they have more games!! :D
Cool, can we also have things like no backspin if a nearby ball or cushion (rail) prevents it from being possible? What about having to nominate the colour after potting a red? How about calling a miss on the highly rated players?

How far can we go on before realising it's just a computer game? How about uneasy cueing on a rest? A large prize for a 147? A phone by the side of the tables so that we can order drinks? Drugs testing? Chalk? How about a ref?

Whatever people say about yahoo, there is no way that any of their offerings even come close to this game.