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Texas Chainsaw Massacure
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Texas Chainsaw Massacure
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Texas Chainsaw Massacure
wow that movie is messed up. what you think? The guy cuts off people faces and wears them!
What do you mean the movie is messed up??

Thats based on real life murders. ;)

Movies will never be as freaky as real life.
I know messed up meaning freakishly scary
heres a little snippit of info the guy that movie was based on actualy lived in Yorkshire England for a while till he was deported.I belive the movie is not based one one man but a few the guy who made lampshades and human masks aint the same man who killed people with the chainsaw,they took a few realy live horrors and mixed them to make the movie
yea there was a program on about the "real life" man who came over from america
for shooting 2 priests on his shooting range , he then proceeded to cut them up and place them in his freezer (quite sickly really) , anyways , that man came over to england , married a woman from yorkshire then started to "beat" her up and threateneed to kill her friends etc..
however im not sure if that was the actual chainsaw massacre or if it was something different ? ?:| i have seen the film and it was truely freeky , not a pleasant film to watch , but im sure GHOST liked it (ghosty and his horror films :p)
cya later lads.
lmao thanks for the images , looks like im going to have no sleep tonight :p
watch the movie and you'll have no sleep for a week:p
no homegurl sed dat da movie was supposed to b scary but she thought it was funny..nd if its funny to her den its prolly not gunna b scary 

Omg, carnt belive u ppl find the TCM scary, its more of a comedy than a horror,  The remake is much better than the orig but still its funny deffenitly when the lass blows her head up at the beginning LOL

if u think that is funnie then that is soo creepy!!If u think that is humorous..im sorry but that was true and suicide isnt funnie especially when they commited it because of the horror they have been through!

No i said the movies r funny not the actuall thing. I agree the real thing is messed but but not the film, u carnt tell me u didnt lauf when they get that dead old man 2 smack the sledge hammer over the head of the girl and then suck blood out a finger to come back alive. that just shows that the film will prob be nowhere near what happened in real life. 

im watching it right now, no i didnt laugh, my dad told me it was real and was close to what happened. If u did watch the beginning it proves it is on the true side.i dont know why u would laugh at a sad thing that happened!

Texas chain saw massacure concept? ive never heard of that.The only thing ive heard of that sounds similar..is the Texas chainsaw manicure(ive heard women have long nails in Texas):|
sorry to tell u, but im talking about the beginning when the girl kills herself in thevan, u thought it was funny.that is suicide and murder isnt funnie neither.
the werid thing is at the end she's just like the girl...and those paronoid relatives of the guy are so messed up...especially the girls in the trailers.

P.S : where'd that girl pull the gun from? lol
omg i had aleast 4 months of nightmares..me and my 2 friends were watchen it at another friends, and we were a little bit at the van where the guy slits his wrists..then i think the tcs is in the car behind thm and follows...them..

at abit in the middle he hangs the girl on a hook..

there loads more... 


aww ok..cas my dad was like did u see the bit on the boy in the wheel chair..i was like no..he was like ok..i was like why why he never said..i was crying cas i was scared thats when i was like 9
what BOY in the wheel chair the only wheel chair was the old guy... boy is before puberty lol
Yeah, i seen the actuall film its well good. much better than the orig but its prob nowhere near what happened 2 the real thing.

and yes EminEm Girl u were right it is suicide at the beginning of the remake but the rest is murders

The pic below is leatherface off TCM2 how cheesy does the mask look



Can any1 also name who this guy is, he is a ture horror character!!!

i will post a pic of who it is later on!
That last picture doesn't look THAT scary...he looks like a dinasaur
that is the face under that hockey mask ? :O
ya,I no it's freaky. But the real life gut (eddie gein) did not use a real chainsaw.he used a pistleand other Guns.
this is old...the movie has been out for a quite some time :|
i didnt think it was scarey...jus interesting lol
nope...the new version ( the one we're taking about )
came out in late 2003...
starts up chain saw...
i soo agree king pin, i know who u r this must be the first we ever agreeed lol :p
funny how u thought i was talkin to u likeomg busteddd
Errrrrmm sorry Newkie it doesn't take alot to figure out you were talking to me but sorry to burst you bubbles Tara and Neal im not "Andy" 
tara,i was talkin to that Heatsink shes dead sweet,into bikes and stuff hangs with the fods biker lol
u know at the beginning and end of the remake of the TCM it shows u a policeman wakking in2 the basement of the murders, well is that actuall real footage because the bloke says "this is the only known footage of leatherface" or is it just acted?
it isnt true because after he says that  the  leatherface guy kills him too.
fake made for movie real story i posted a link 4