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Hello my name is Dark_Muffin. Over and over i have heard new tanx-sters asking for training, and i want to help. If you are in need of training or help plz post. I will train you to know the game, and to improve your skillz. You can catch me on all nights.
Helpin' out, Dark_Muffin
Is this supposed to help support your campaign to be a mod?
confed ive been doin this long before i started askin. anyway I enjoy training tanx-sters and will continue to do so. no matter wat the future holds.
I need training I need training! Im horrible.
I know a person who gives better traing than u andddlay:)

How do I increase my speed to maneuver and fire?  I reach sgt easily, but can't progress from there.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
 I need help improving my score and to get higher rank
the people have been heard! training will start now

TANK you trained anndlay, but i trained you brandon, and many others.. you and ghost.. shall know me from now on as Veyska.. but im guessing you know who i am just by the way i talk.. im so profound.. aww shucks im blushing ... (yes ive had a few drinks lollies)
Lmao minni , yes you did train me  :) but i think i could take you still...;)
ive bin tryin at tanx foreva..2 or 3 kills then i quit..i got ova 100 games and only have 12 pts as of now..whos beta at trainin u or TANX_MASTER?
probably tanx master, i have not nearly as much expierience as him :d
i am new can you teach me how to play the game
hi this is spipey i am ranked 27 and i need some help to gain rank in a force so contact me in room 1 or post right here to meet somewhere.

dude iheard about ur training and iwanted to ask u how to make a game rated plzzzzzzzzzzz anwsr back a.s.a.p
killer, to make a rated game u must first subscribe. if you have subscribed then u can.
spipey ill be around room1 weekends @ 5:00 central time-8:00. hope to see u sometime. i will most certainly help train you
I need training. Is it good to have a highest rating of 33 for the second time playing?
take um hostage what in the world do you think about o yea um um um o you should try pressing ctrl and where you want to go (move) and keep clicking and you will just get the hang of it
I'm horrible,my best rank i've gotten is 24.Maybe it's because I discovered the game yesterday,but either way i need help.