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Tech Help
Does anyone know why I can't use my Ally butten? Also I downloaded the game to my PC but I can't join the game with the downloaded version. All I can do is observer.
There is 2 ways to play on TANX.

You either subscribe or you don't and play for free.

If you chose to play for free, you cannot use the things you have mentioned (download and ally) because they are reserved for the players who subscribe. Currently subscribtion is about $20.

If you chose not to subscribe you need to play on the regular web browser version and you might as well un-load the other version seeing as it is doing you no good.

I'm having some trouble using the Online version of the Tanx game and need some ideas on how to free some RAM. Somehow i think it has to do with Sun Microsystems' Java Plug-in that i just found out i need to play the game. and now its eatin up my ram like crazy. can someone plz help me out?
it's not the Sun Java you need to use..  it's the Microsoft VM Java..
on an open internet explorer page click tools..internet options...advanced tab...scroll down to microsoft VM...check mark JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled... scroll further down and make sure Sun Java is un-checked..  close dialog...  close browser window... re-launch browser
that should fix it

ok. thanks for the advice. ill try it out and see if it works.

oh and by the way, God Bless You
im still having the same problem. it still uses the Sun Java that i have on my computer. I even tried uninstalling Sun Java to see if that would help, but it keeps on saying i need java.
You should sub and play on the pc version
hmmmm..  ok..  well...
the only other thing I can think of trying next is to update your
microsoft VM java..
FlyOrDie has a page for that located here:


I've tried that, but still it doesn't work.  Any other suggestions?
im on another computer that doesn't have sun java, and the online version works.
I think the Java is removable by the control panel or add/remove programs on Windows, I'm not positive of this though.