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Return of the King
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Return of the King
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Return of the King
So, do you think ROTK deserved it's record equalling eleven Oscar haul?

Or should something else have won?

The Academy eating humble pie, or a classic film sweeping the board?

It think ROTK had some great acting.....it's just that Jackson finished it in true J.R.R. style giving each character his/her heroic moment....thats why no one actor stood out enough to be given Best Actor/ress....Jackson could have done it so Aragon was by far the most heroic thus giving Vigo the chance to get nominated for Best Actor.....but being Jackson he kept as true as possible to the unforgettable J.R.R. tale and made each character equally important...well except for Gandalf of course

Christopher Lee should have gotten an Oscar for the "Most Screwed Over Actor in History"

Howdy Bishi my homeboy.

Any updates on the wonderful world of yourself ? 

My updates aren't much. Going to Bournemouth Uni next year, currently living the student life to the max and drinking my savings away. And...must be something more exciting than that...no, not really.
Or maybe LOTR won because there was some decent acting in it, the script wasn't bad, the storyline was amazing and the special effects weren't completely overwhelming. Unlike the Matrix Revolutions.
i think the matrix revolutions should have won something.. i think ROTK won because of the theme most ppl have a liking to i.e magical wizardry etc. the matrix is a completely new expierence..

;) ent
murray was robbed he shouldve obviously gotten the award

charlize theron deserved hers :)

how did lotr get film editing that a laugh bc there was an hour of endings and it had mistakes in it and was a bore to me... i loved the first 2 they were a lot better directed than the 3rd it felt like they just tried to rush it and didnt take their time like on the first 2

i think coppola shouldve got director 2 lost in translation was shot so beautifully 

ty bye
Heh - thanks NightFlight.  Too kind, too kind...

And I 
 I'd get you in here ĄрћЯőđĭŧę, although I don't agree with you entirely (what a surprise!) about Coppola and LOTR.  If the script 
 been butchered and terrible actors cast, people 
 have noticed.  However, Jackson wouldn't have allowed that.  Too much at stake...

My only moan is that Bill Murray loses out on what was probably his last chance to win an Oscar, and that Sean 'Overacting' Penn snatched it from the Ghostbusters nose. S'good point made by Şŋΐρέ, but that does happen quite often (believe it or not!).

At the end of the day it was a very strong field, and while ROTK won everything in sight, a few other films crept in while it was partying and pinched a few statuettes from behind its back.  And at the end of the day, neither Russell Crowe or Nicole Kidman won anything of note - so it's a good night in my books.

*shakes fist at Annie Lennox*

Shut UP woman!  SHUT UP!
Its not often a best movie dosent have any best actors in it.
In my opinion ROTK only won so many awards because it would be a fairy tale ending for the trilogy. True, it was visually stunning and all that, but some of the awards it recieved were just... wrong. Best song? I was cringing watching Annie Lennox hunching over the mic and making an already pretentious song practically unbearable. The Triplets of Belleville totally deserved it.

I'm also annoyed about the award for directing, I think it should've gone to Coppola. This is purely because I believe it takes more talent to make an incredibly moving film on a small budget, small cast and crew, than a big Hollywood type-film with amazing special effects and 1000's of people working on it. Don't get me wrong, I think ROTK was a great film, but the only way Lost in Translation could suceed would be with a great screenplay and a fantastic cast, which it had. Lord of the Rings has so much stuff in it, its overwhelming. If the script had been butchered and truly terrible actors were cast, people would've still liked the film. While watching it, you don't really notice the script and acting,  just the ugly orcs and gorgeous elves.

*sighs* still haven't been able to do my acceptance speech!
You talking about return of the king of the forums or the film? talk about modesty lol...welcome back bishi