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Can flyordie track your IP
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Can flyordie track your IP
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Can flyordie track your IP
Is this true flyordie please reply

I think the Question you were really meaning to ask there was "
DO Flyordie track your IP?

And the answer is........

(Flyordie Moderator)

I think they can if they want. 

E.I.. you are a repeat offender and they want to bann IP.
why do people ask 
 and they do not get answers?? 
The will only post when it's necessary. Saying that, this post deservedan actual answer...
They can track you IP address, yes.

But that won't really help, as most people with a Digital Subscription Line will have a rolling IP address.

Are you worried about having your IP tracked?
Well i am not worried but it would be nice to know Mr bishi and as for Veriac ty for your help on a serious question just ges to show moderators attitued these days.

Just be aware that someone knowing your IP address is like them knowing where you live.  Hardly important unless they turn up on your doorstep.

Even then you don't have to let them in...
I don't think IPs are that important. They could track your IP through these forums. 
are you kidding ?  your IP  is the key to  your network !  anything  related to  that IP  can be tracked
 track your IP through the forums.  But, as I said before, with the majority of users having a DSL, IP addresses change every time you access the interweb.
welcome back 
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Gee...i guess Humour is Dead after-all.

Oh well....since you want a Serious answer...here it comes ;)

For many years now the ability to determine the IP address of someone on the Internet has been available. In the last 5 years, this is now so common that almost every web site you will ever visit will record your IP.

They do this so that they can determine more accurately how many people visit their sites etc. Unfortunately, there are now a HUGE number of people who use the internet and who use Dynamically assigned IP addresses. What this means is that their IP changes everytime they log onto the Internet.

It is possible to determine the Exact Geographical location of a specific IP address, and there are actually maps of the world that exist of this nature. 

Obviously sites such as Gaming sites do not need to use the IP address to this extent, but government sites are more than capable of this ability.

So the basic answer to your question....."
Yes your IP is Tracked

(Flyordie Moderator)

...but another question is that is there a special 
 addy for every site or ur "

If that makes sense!
Right then 
, I'll try and keep this simple.

If you have a DSL line, everytime you arrive at the desktop to your OS you're connecting to the internet.  And every time you connect to the internet, you are given a new IP address.  If we say an IP address is in four parts, half of it always remains the same - and it is this that shows who your ISP is - and the other half is generated for each new connection.  This is what we would call a 
 IP address.

Your PC is what generates the IP address, not the site you are visiting.  
Well sites do have an IP address but thanks to DNS nameservers, we do not have to know the actual IP address of the site to access it.

FlyOrDie's IP is
Well there seems to be some confusion about this IP thing.
Every website has it's own IP address and every PC has it's own IP address too.
Those with DSL and this 'rolling' IP means that every time you go online your provider allocates a new IP to your connection. This IP can be completely different (all 4 numbers) but it can still be traced to your machine.
There are a few providers that give the same IP to a number of different people making it impossible to trace it to 1 person. There are also security programs that can tell what resolution and which Operating System you use and from where you linked to the website.