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NeWs FlaSh- 141 Dead in Plane Crash
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NeWs FlaSh- 141 Dead in Plane Crash
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NeWs FlaSh- 141 Dead in Plane Crash
What a shame, today 3rd Jan 2004, plane crash in egypt.
Flash airlines, mainly all french passengers due to french airline techniqual fault all 141 dead...
women and children also..

I was watching news this morning just thinkin, i thought i might as well post it here.. so i could here other views on what exactly happend.

All i know that the plane took of from Sharm el shiekh a resort near Sinai very close to jordan, as it was heading for its destination, the capital of Egypt, Cairo the plane went of Radar. It supposedly flew right into the Red Sea which is situated between the two locations.
They are saying its entirely techniqual, but funny enought

Tony Blair is said to be on holiday less that 100 miles from the crash scene, suspicious or?? pure accident..?? who knows,

I wonder if anyone has any other views or thoughts or info, what a shame 
:( 141 dead including women and children.

ty ƒì®é ☼ Wìžä®∂ 
          >>>"A SHAME ? "

141  DIE, and you think its a "shame"
Heaven help us.
Doesnt matter, who is in the area,where the area is,141 people died,including woman + children,and the first thought you have is "I might as well post it here".???? 
show some respect peter and shut up!
Excuse me plummy,
Did you bother to read my post?
Respect,was what I was trying to get thru to wizard.
I think 141 ppl dead,is more than a "shame".

well its his words and he will choose what to write  IF u dont like it  then dont reply   do u get that  or  are u abit slow up there?.
Well Guys instead of Arguing about it Step back and take a second to think about the poor ppl who have Died!!
and Say a prayer for their families!! God Help them.

It would take more than Egptian airlines to get rid of tony,the guy walks on water lol...seriously sympathies to all the dead
Get ur point though ƒì®é ☼ Wìžä®∂ but who's to know ? Maybe one day we will find out

I didn't mean to disrespect anyone,
 when I said it was a "shame", i meant it in the sincerest way, 
I do know I did not post it sarcastically as you first may have thought.

Why would I post if I didn't care, 
do you really think Im that heartless?? Please Peter01 think before you post here, if you didn't like what I said you should't have replied because I think everyone knows what a big loss it is, I think you have just misunderstood what I meant. :|

ƒì®é ☼ Wìžä®∂ 
Look at yourselves. Fighting over WORDS! 
PLEASE,accept my sincere apologies,I just took your post the wrong way.(WIZARD).It was me who was not thinking correctly.
Honestly,I am VERY sorry.
I knew it was Flash airlines by the way,i just did'nt want to say the plane went down in a flash :| JOKE people
Get a sense of humour idiot,im trying to make the best of a bad situation...finito with all YOU idiots
Jingle_Balls.. autopilot ,nightflight..R.I.P .bye folks.been good knowing you all 
I apologise if ive ever caused any offence,in any of them nanes ,my posts were only meant in jest..
Dont bother leaving... Forum needs people to lighten it up... Or it might as well be called the 
Unhappy Zone