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The Mustards No More......
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The Mustards No More......
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The Mustards No More......
Me and Cobra have come to the decison that Mustards is not a very wartype name. So we have decided to change it to American Millitary Alliance. AMA

Anybody who objects, has complaints, or simply wants to join can post here.

P.S. NERO if your out there we want a responce.
NERO is away I believe. You should consult with him first.
Well i would like to join and i wouldnt mind if i would have to pass a test, im pretty good.....I just want to destroy....i love the smell of rusting metal.....
I wish i could consult with NERO but he is away and he himself started the renaming process.
im not in anymore until i hear neros approval. nero did start the team.
Liver can I ask you a feq questions....

1 ) Does anyone actually care about you in Tanx ? 
2 ) Your not really that good are you ? 
3 ) Your not properly in any clans ?
4 ) Your little clan has two people in and no one cares about it except you ? 
5 ) Your generally way to excited over Tanx especially since you have nothing to offer ? 

Am I right or wrong ? 

WOW i wanna see what he writes about me wanting to join....
Don, liger called me a back stabber and then left so I couldn't reply. :)
Im a no mark in Tanx, but I dont claim to be anything else. Although with the power of words I did destroy about 4 clans and shook the world of Tanx.
I have just been informed by Sniper AMA that im in the "clan"....i asked him if i could join so he took me into a game and tested me and i guess i qualified, but i still need your approval Confederate...
Sniper, we need to talk about Hannibal. Should have consulted with me too lol. I got ta tell you something. Cobs <(> <(>
Ummmm ok just tell me if im in or not....
*-NERO-* #~Forever~#
>/Mustard\<     ^=Dont Know=^
i always have been fancy on Mustard, but the people are not liking it, so therefore it is not *MY* Decision, its out of my hands now, too bad,
(Repeats top)
Cmon nero your the head Man is it AMA or Mustard??
Yeah your in it Hannibal, congrads and welcome to the team :) Cobs
whatever you wish it to be snipy, and its good to see all you again
K ill take a poll of the people u have on your site.

PS im not on there :|
 hey nero i got a forum up. but problem is..are we ama or mustard? ;\
Allright i made it !!!! Snipe how do you make your name like that cause i wanna change me name to hannibal AMA with your kind of letters....
well u might want to wait till we have offical vote/desion on AMA or Mustards but.....here how to get the font.

Open any writing document like MS WORD or w/e u have.
Go to Insert on top....thing :S and hit symbol.
Make your name and save it to a document. After u get a new email and register (u might have to delete your flyordie cookies) just copy name from word document and paste it to loging ex. -Şŋΐρέ-AMA , -گŋípέŗ-Mustard

Yo Fudge I still havent gotten an email yet lol. Cobs
Ok i will wait till the official vote....
well, its seems to me, the people like ama, so i guess thats what i want to, whatever you guys think is the best is alright with me, ..........
P.S. whats ama stand 4 ? and whats "P.S." stand for? 
PS post script

AMA either

Americam Millitary Aliance
American Mustard Aliance 

Go to 
 to vote
I cant sign in with the other name !!! I know its right cause i saved it on to the computer and then when i type it up with the password it tells my its wrong !!!
Just call it The AMA Mustards cause i like my name !!!
yo dude, the  Ж is in my sign, it was there first lol. ;\ just keep one name, and maybe the game was down, try ur first one again
My bad about the X thingy it looked really cool thats why....and stop leaving the lvl's !!!
sinse we all like mustard and the rest made AMA names i guess the only 2 choices left are 

American Mustard Aliance  (AMA)
Keep AMA cause i dont really want to make another name cause then i could get banned for multiple accounts....
Hey its aight, what levels/lvl's? I say American Mustard Aliance, I'm sticking with what I made up cause its got mustards and still has the AMA in it. Cobs