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why bother
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why bother
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why bother
why bother reporting people if nothing ever done ..what a joke

 Let's look at why moderators might not always be around or able to respond right away.

They're volunteers, so they don't get paid. They have real-life commitments like jobs, school, and family, which can limit their availability. It takes time for moderators to look into reports properly. They have to check each issue and decide what to do. Some reports are easy to deal with, but others might take longer to assess properly.

There are thousands of players online at any one time, so moderators have a lot to do. They have to decide which reports are most important and deal with them quickly. Some of these reports might be misunderstandings or minor infractions that don't warrant immediate action. Moderators will decide which reports require urgent attention.

It's important for players to understand these factors and be patient when awaiting moderator responses. While it can be frustrating to encounter issues without immediate resolution, moderators are doing their best to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone.

Thank you.
Can I send you screenshots of players stalking me? And can some action be taken against them? Last moderator I spoke to said they would look into it but hasn't done anything to curb their harassing behavior.
As long as your report is genuine and your not just being a sore loser.....they usually take up to 24hrs as I'm sure the few who run the site have jobs/family
Hello ayoye, I'm sorry you're frustrated. 
When someone insults you, it's important not to respond back. 
So, just report it and, if possible, mute the player in question. 

It is not the case that nothing ever happens, of course. 
I would like to encourage you to continue reporting violations of the rules.

Thank you and
kind regards, 
There are less cheaters here than on lichess
I've seen people I've reported turn up later with black demerit spots on their names, so I think it's worth doing.