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Gift Subscription
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Gift Subscription
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Gift Subscription
If I give another player a gift subscription, how can I include a note to him from me?
Hello Alberto725, i’m sorry, you cannot include personal note. Kind regards, John
But will he at least be told the gift is from me?
He won't receive such a message. And a confirmation email will be sent to you after the purchase, 
but not to the person who received the gift subscription.

Best regards,
Well then, who can I contact at flyordie to send an e-mail to the recipient?
You really should specify to the purchaser that the gift is anonymous! The is very strange, unusual, and frankly probably just a gimmick to get more money!
Hi Alberto725,
Some people would like to remain anonymous. This would no longer be possible if FlyOrDie sent an email 
(which would also require that all e-mail addresses on the players profiles are current.)

Informing the recipient yourself is the simplest option. 

You can make suggestions to FlyOrDie by opening a new post under "requests to developers" any time.

Best regards, John
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