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Hi, was just checking my subscription on how long I got left, then I clicked to extend it, but getting access denied ? I've tried on different browsers but same problem. Got a few days left for now but is their a real technical fault going on or something ? what other process to sub is their please ? Cheers.
Hello Skilled-Pσѕ-Cυe, 
If you're using a VPN, make sure to deactivate it before starting the subscription process. 
Practically all servers a VPN provider has in use are labeled as 'known proxy', which causes access to banking and similar sites to be denied.

If you are not using a VPN, please read the FAQs 

before contacting FlyOrDie's technical support 

 Please give them a few days to respond. 

Kind regards,
Fantastic John, it will work if you turn off VPN as you said, Brilliant mate cheers. I purchased the latest security also which caused the problem, but its flexible to work around as you advised to turn it off before subbing process. Have a nice day mate.
Hello Skilled-Pσѕ-Cυe
Thank you for your feedback! Glad it worked now :)