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Snooker Doubles Tournament
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Snooker Doubles Tournament
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Snooker Doubles Tournament
The next tournament is already starting.
It will be a Snooker Team tournament. 

The team partners are randomly drawn. 
Each team decides who plays against whom.
If there is no decision, it will be drawn at random.
In the event of a tie, the two winners play against each other in a Race to 4
A disconnection is a frame loss. 
No Pro rules
Break however you want (Nobody is forced to take offense)
No unknown accounts are allowed to avoid problems.
Depending on how many players are there, there are the following game goals:
Winner vs winner: race to 4 each round
Last 16: race to 4
Last 8: race to5
Last 4: race to 6
Final: Race to 7

Everyone is welcome to participate!

Let's have a nice tournament.

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Jo Tommy,

good idea and thx in advance for organizing. 

i am in.
If we don't have enough participants, we will start the tournament on Friday evening. then there will be byes in the first round.
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Sorry Tommy, I cant play this tourney anymore. My bad!
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Hi. Teams are: 

Redemption & cat's paw
S.Hendry & Alex
Rising Insane & Robert
Chui & Shaun Murphy no1
Fantastical Noob & Boooost GT
Aint no sunshine & Enjoy The Game 

Quarterfinal Matches are race to 5: 

Aint no sunshine/Enjoy The Game vs Redemption/cat's paw
Chui/Shaun Murphy no1 vs Fantastical Noob & Boooost GT

Already Semifinal Match race to 6: 
Rising Insane/Robert vs S.Hendry/Alex

Deciders will be a race to 4
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I will play vs Ghiles + Sunshine will play vs Cats Paw
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I Play Fanta and Chui will Play Booost
Beautiful crazy 5-3 Redemption 
Ggs thx
Chui 5:0 Boooost GT
Shaun Murphy no1 5:3 Fantastical Noob 

ggs thx guys
Meow where you at? Let me know a time you can play
Cat's got time untill wednesday night otherwise we will start the next round.
been out of home since Friday morning. We can play today
Lost 6-2 Thank you for the tournament pal, And good luck to everyone else that has to play
Tell me a date because out of last 6 days you were offline on 5.
Robert 6-2 vs S. Hendry, ggs mate
4-2 in the decider vs Alex, ggs wp mate and thank you

Rising Insane & Robert vs Chui & Shaun Murphy no1

Race to 7 

Robert : Chui
Rising Insane : Shaun Murphy no1

Good luck all and have fun.
Lost 6-7 to chui, ggs and very well played mate, totally deserved. Congratulations for the tournament win and thanks everyone for the games!
ggs ul m8. May not be our best match but still very fun to play with ya (Y). And thanks for tourney Tommy :)
Rising Insane 0:7 Shaun Murphy no1

ggs thx mate
Good Luck too you all may the best team win and ty for tourney tommy🌹