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Îs unfair
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Îs unfair
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Îs unfair
Why You disconnected me? I loose de he game,îs unfair
You were not disconnected by FlyOrDie or their servers.

It was either a glitch with your internet or your opponents.
Hello dragosss,

Tips to prevent disconnections:

Disconnection usually means that there was some connection problem somewhere between your machine and FlyOrDie.com. It is also called being 'booted' or 'kicked'. Unlike most websites where you download the whole page content and then browse through it, FlyOrDie.com requires that you stay connected continuously.

We suggest checking the below list to see what you can do to lower the frequency of disconnections. Please note that we cannot guarantee that any of this will help to get rid of DC's.

Remove router - try connecting without a router if you use one.
Java update - updating your java might improve performance as well.
Increasing your memory could also help with the freezing/getting booted problem. You can increase your memory by going to start button, settings, control panel, system, advance tab, performance, advance tab, virtual memory, change it, make it 526kb or higher, click set then ok.
Overactive virus protection software could also cause problems. It may pay off to check your system registry to see how many programs are running.
You could try temporarily disabling any antivirus, firewall, internet security software, to see if it improves connection.
You may need to exit any other programs you have running in the background to improve network performance and stability.
If you're getting booted often, please check with your ISP to see if they can help improve your connection quality and latency a little bit.

P.s: If you are connecting via phone and your phone's automatic update settings are turned on, this is another reason.