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why do people get Demerits and do not get a reason or a chance to explain anything? Surely you should give an explanation why you are demerit
Hello haydock13,

If someone is absolutely certain that they didn't break any rules  --> Rules Of Use: 
, they can contact the Moderation Team using this link  -->  

Kind regards, John
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When a demerit is applied, they are given a reason before they login next time.

It will say something like "You have received a demerit! Reason: Insulting/Harassing others" as an example.
Thanks Ispy but it still does not give you why and chance to defend yourself
Your not allowed to defend yourself on this site because your getting punished for it for insulting/harrassing.
Ronnie people get demerit for nothing ask around
Use special characters next time, after a sub and the risks are very low after it, When your not subbed dont chat at all on flyordie.

I wish there was a permanent chat mute because its getting frustrating that the automod makes the wrong decisions by very basic words.