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I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have worked on getting an opponent slowly giving up men, and get to your last move that would win it, only for “game ended in a tie” to pop up.  Is there a reason for this?  I understand if it is unwinnable, but it happens a lot on a winnable game.
Hi Let’s Go Brandon,
When there is no capture or promotion to king for 40 pairs of consecutive moves, the game is drawn.


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That is not necessarily true, but regardless my point was that it is extremely frustrating.  You can work, making strategic moves, finally trapping your opponent, then just as you are about to win the game, it is force draw.  Makes no real sense.
In my humble opinion it does make sense. I played games where someone simply moved one stone back and forth. But I accept your point of view as well.
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The good news is that it evens out.  Sometimes I just miss a win, and other times I am saved by the bell.  Because of this rule, I sometimes try to save a stone to promote as a king later in the game.
Well, I just found that this isn’t true.  I had made two captures of kings from my opponent.  It was now down to my two kings against my opponent’sone.  After I made the second of two captures, two moves later, the game went to a draw.  So your statement that it takes 40 moves without a capture is incorrect.
A snippet from FlyOrDie's rules regarding Checkers...

"The game is drawn when there is no capture or promotion to king for 40 consecutive moves."

If this is NOT true, please can you take a video and send it in so as it can be investigated internally.

Sure.  Next time I see that it’s going to happen, I’ll travel back in time and video it.  It happens.  It has happened many times.  It’s in the code.  Proving it to you is redundant.  Either you want to fix it or you don’t.
3 ways to draw:

1. Clicking the draw button and other user accepts
2. If you make 40 moves without jumping anyone or no promotion
3. If there are 200 total moves in a game with no winner.
I just played  timed game and we both had one checker left. I moved 52 times with nothing happening and did not get draw. So again the "RULES" are not always true!