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Bishop pair poem
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Bishop pair poem
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Bishop pair poem
Two bishops standing tall and true,
A duo on the chessboard, bright and blue.
They guard the path on every side,
Their presence felt, far and wide.

Their power spreads, in a diagonal sweep,
A movement swift, so very deep.
They map the field with loving care,
And lead the army, everywhere.

On white and black, their robes they wear,
Two sides to choose, a choice so fair.
In union, they form a perfect pair,
And rival any piece, anywhere.

Their strength in numbers, no one can ignore,
With strategy and skill, they build their rapport.
A synergy born of two brave hearts,
A bond that never tears or departs.

So heed their call, if you're to win,
For in the bishop pair, lies conquest and din.
Their moves intricate, their thought so pure,
A masterful duo, proud and sure.