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peace alliance
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peace alliance
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peace alliance
all teams we are making a central command center for the peace teams of the internet.register your team here for a peace alliance spot.this will be the biggest alliance ever
Suit u sir

Co-leader and tactical commander of the Rapid response force.



attention peace alliance.heres the danger level stats
(out of 10(10 being the worst possible)
we have declared a lvl 6 emergency.be on alert.this is no drill
A 6? lol..

What's all this about now?
confederate, this is not about you.and this is classified only to the peace alliance members only
<alert... incoming message from peace alliance hq>
alert. we have bumped up the danger level to 7. this is a danger lvl of 7
I think you are taking this a little 2 seriously Liger.
I hope that didnt just bump it up to level 8. LOL
the only thing interesting here is the story of how Liger got the BUMP on his head and how the socialized medical treatment he's counting on is letting him down.....
wat if we reach lvl 10
i mean
wat will happen
i know who's doing this
Scotty and his clan are endangering you
you have to stop him!!!!

Whats happening with the peace alliance liger?
RRF - still in the peace alliance?
Hey liger dark blade liger here saying my team of ligers are ready to kick some scotty butt and ready to help out the dangers in tanx and flyordie nice to be back from being banned for life my new name is horrible so bare with me here ok 

                    Chad Blade
                   Captain of Blade Liger Team
dark welcome back and rrf its your choice if you stay or not
CAD rules and you know it :) Now that I am leader lol
Yes liger.
RRF will be ramaining in the Peace Alliance.


CAD always ruled. you know it, they know it.
>< ><
ello there тдЯλ :D
ok NERO here and im just saying, this peace alliance thing is not the biggest thing here, TGA is the biggest it has 5 groups including YXT, RRF, AMA, MB, and KoP
Tanx Group Alliance or TGA is the biggest and still growing,
lakerdude, do u want to add your group to TGA is that what your saying ?
yeah add my team to the tanx group alliance and to the peace alliance :)
: CAD eliminated KEEPERS OF PEACE (KoP) a few months back... people know this who was here when CAD did this. Please take them out ty :D 
gg wp
Besides, there an inactive team. They never come on anymore. 
listen i shut down kop myself.be aware we will return. o and confederate and you dumb jerks called cad... the website was a fake site to keep people like you out.
Waaaaaaa I'm a dumb jerk and I cant get into the real KOP site!! Like I really want to...
Calm down Liger, U take things way to serious :)
Thats it... 1 2 3 ... B-r-e-a-t-h-e 
SSSSSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA WAZUP TEAMS  u guys r fools to me Cads rules oh my god i m so SCARED WAAAAAWAAAA(NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT TTTTTRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUEEEEEEE) Our teams rules . its doesnt matter how many u got its called POWERFUL. u guys know it theres no teams rules we rule becuase we got the power u guys dont. if u dont belive it lets have WAR. WE dont alliance. we have no fear . Theres no way u guys can beat us. so stop wasting my time watching u all my teams rules my teams rules my teams rules. THATS JOKE TO ME! every time u said that i m going war with u so i can teach u a lesson funny doggies! OUR TEAM IS CALLED                       by THE GhOsT oF DaRkNeSs
Thought you quit teams. Oh well.
they got ignorant names either way :|
all teams suck
im making a clan
you dont team on people like sissys
hey liger is AAU in the Peace alliance?