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Working…. Not working…
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Working…. Not working…
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Working…. Not working…
April 2023, anyone experiencing issues of the game not working on Apple devices?  Then all of a sudden yesterday it was working again.  Woke up this morning and it seems to of stopped again.  This is very frustrating, especially being a paid subscriber and not being able to use the game i play every day.
We didn't made any changes to the games this morning or yesterday. 

What is the exact problem that you are experiencing?
It just seems very intermittent in working the last couple of days.  I have followed all advice, updated iPads to latest version, cleared history and cache.  Just hope it gets sorted soon.
hello hoat, he's running IOS 16.5 (beta test version) on his pad....
I have Beta updates turned off, I’ve took a screen shot to show that but can’t send it here.
the latest IOS version for iPad is 16.4.1 dated April 7, 2023
IOS 16.5 is a BETA test version!
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Using the Beta version wouldn’t make any difference, I’ve always used it and never had issues.  It’s not just me having here issues, there are others too.
oh you are mistaken. It makes a huge difference!
Beta tests are not finished products. They have MANY issues. 
Kind Regards, John
No, it's working for everybody else! You are the only one who has issues after FlyOrDie's fix.!

The problem is that you have installed a not approved and a very early TEST version on your iPad. 

This has to be my last reply .... easter preparations :)

Kind regards,
Just an update.  The game is working fine and loading first time now, even though I am running Beta on iOS.
It's good to hear that everything is working fine for you now! Test software is continually evolving and bugs are removed. IOS 16.5 is to be finalised by August/September '23.  

I wish you good games and lots of fun,
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Hello cmreeve,

Please empty your browsers cache. I am quite sure that this will help. 
FOD have modified their websites and I assume your browser is still loading the previous version of the websites.
The IOS 16.4.1 is available as well. Maybe you'd like to install it.

Kind regards 

P.S. you were playing just now, does this mean it works for you, or did you use another device?
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Thanks John, i seen your message whilst i was playing.  It stopped working then was fine for one game yesterday.  Then seemed to have the same issue then straight after posting on this forum it decided to work.  I only play on an iPad Pro.  I’m sure its just a temporary glitch that has happened during updates which unfortunately in this day and age, will always happen.  You just hope it gets sorted quickly.  Especially when you are a paid subscriber to the game.  

You found me quick after my post on here, are you an admin?
I would suggest that you clear your browser's cache. You made your location public on your profile. Everybody can find you. I am not an administrator. (I'm assistant moderator)

We have several different iPhones and Pads in our family, and don't have any issues anymore. Also the Safari for macOS ventura works just fine now.

FlyOrDie fixed this problem in altering the code of their websites. 

Kind regards,
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And there it goes again…….  Tried to get back in and its stopped working for me again.  Frustrating but will be patient.
Have you cleared your browser's cache?
and ... please update to the latest IOS 16.4.1 which has been available since yesterday.
thank you very much.
John :)
the latest IOS version for iPad is 16.4.1. 
so you are a running a very early "beta TEST version" on your iPad ...
That's the issue! I'm sorry to say so.
Kind regards, John
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