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frozen blanc page
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frozen blanc page
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frozen blanc page
after my succesful login there is a blue window and a big nothing 

user name: nemRobot-élő
Am I banned? I tried several times and several browsers. Thanks
Hello nemRobot-élő,

You are not banned. Something is blocking the access to FlyOrDie. 

Have you changed anything in the security settings of your browser or have you changed some settings of your anti-virus software lately? If so, please change it back. 

Here are some more things you can try:

Clear your browser cache. If you're not sure how to do this, you can Google it. Instructions are available for every        browser. 

Try logging in with a different browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. 

Re-start your router or cable modem. 

If none of this works, please read the FAQs  

before you contact the technical support   

Kind regards, 
Your browser forces the game to load via 
. The game can only be loaded via 


FlyOrDie Moderator Team
Thanks to your very helpful clip and to Player_No1's posting, I can tell that your browser's security settings are too restrictive. You have to "allow insecure websites" FlyOrDie ist NOT insecure!  But not every site needs to be https encrypted, e.g. the game rooms. This would not make any sense.
Kind regards,
If you have installed the "https extension everywhere" in your Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox browser that can be the reason for your problems as well. HTTPS everywhere changes every web address in your address line from http to https. However major browsers now offer native support for an HTTPS only mode. Like John Steward wrote - your browser settings are too restrictive.
Happy to see that you're able to play again!
Have fun!
Kind regards, John