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"usual" opponent rating - "average" opponent rating
"usual" opponent rating - "average" opponent rating
"usual" opponent rating - "average" opponent rating
Dear FlyOrDie Developers, 
Far be it from me to annoy you. You are doing an excellent job! 

But should it not be "average" opponent rather than "usual" opponent rating on our statistics sheet? 

Kind regards,
Agreed. It's a nice update but could be worded better.
I've edited the HTML a bit and have a suggestion here:



FlyOrDie Moderator Team
Hello Player_No1, 

I like your suggestion very much!

Kind regards,
It's better, but still slightly misleading. The number shows not the average opponent rating of the last 50 matches, but the average of the opponents rating of the last 50 match series (a "series" is a group of matches that taken together in the rating system as explained in 
, and it corresponds to one row in the default view of the Results table). 

In the next days, we'll add a small gray subtitle as you've drawed. But I'm still not sure about the wording, maybe it could be "of last 50 opponents". 

Also, I've just noticed on your screenshot that the month labels in rating history graph slide on top of each other if the player has snooker statistics and forum posts and the window is not enough wide. We'll fix this also.
It is the average rating of the last 50 opponents. So calling it "Average opponent rating" would be confusing, because that would mean that it is the average of ratings of all opponents. 

So "Usual" isn't a great word here, but I couldn't find a better word. 
Thanks hoat4. I understand and I like Player_No1's suggestion. 👍🏼 
John :)