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TCA NightWalker: AMA
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TCA NightWalker: AMA
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TCA NightWalker: AMA
Hi everyone.
Had some nostalgic feeling, decided to visit FlyOrDie again. Some things changed, but it's nice to see some new forum posts in tanx sections still.
So I've been reading and thought to myself... what if some would like to ask me something and I could actually answer that? I came up with hosting a small AMA event.
Basically, 'A'sk 'M'e 'A'nything. I don't promise fast responses or don't promise responses to certain questions, but I will try, depending on how actively the questions will be popping up :)
Go ahead and ask. Hopefully someone finds it interesing.
Best regards,
FTW WARRIOR reporting for duty.
Requesting formidable opponent to play against whenever!

Seriously though.. I would love to start playing again but I need competition like you Artik.
Hope you're well though, game aside. 

I am still on the forums daily just reading hoping to see some people resurface for some action..:)
Hey Jeff where are you these days, How can i have contact with you?
Who's asking?

You can add me on discord : Jeffy#2192
Nice to know you're still around! As for competition - same as tourneys, I very rarely have the right environment to play tanx. Now that there are sanctions my job got harder to do... Which means less free time. But definitely a chance.
Hope you're well, too
Hey Artik. Nice to see you here. I'd play again if others did. Hope you're well man. Motivate
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Hey Jeff. How you doing man? Hope you're well. I'll start coming on again once a day if you're interested. Take care mate, motivate
Lol I try log in game and seems it doesn’t work anymore. Anyways hope everyone is well. 😅
TCA_Guru here, been almost 3 years since I logged on, just remembering the good old days. And loving the fact that they put tournament wins in your profile so now its very easy to prove I used to be good.
Hey Guru!
Sorry, it's been a long time ago, have we actually met in game? When did you join TCA? Maybe you had some other TCA nicknames I might remember? I did have, used to be TRAiNOR as well. Who were other TCAs you remember?
In any case, it's nice to see more TCAs still around other than myself, even if under different usernames nowadays 😁 hope you're doing well
Maybe I was TrA and not TCA....It's been a long time.
TrA and TCA are entirely diffrent clans tho
Hey artik. Motivate here. Hope you're well. Wish they'd put tanx back on the home page again. Take care
Moti! My first ever coleader 😁 nice to see you around still!
I'm doing well, I visit FOD on really rare occasions nowadays compared to 15 years ago, mostly due to switching interests and different life circumstances. Wow, 15...
Have you met any other TCAs around FOD? Any clue on what happened to leader?
I also wish tanx would be back on the main page, but unfortunately some things change and not always for how we want them to. Brings me back to how we (me and some other enthusiasts) dreamed of tanx2 😁. Even though java isn't mainstream anymore - the game idea itself is great! So who knows 😁... If it happens I would defenitely come back to more active playing, for the old times. I assume some other veterans of the game would as well.
Hope you're doing well and staying healthy!
Hey Artey, How are you doin? Are you comming back to play tournies sometime please?
Hey! Nope, defenitely not for tournaments, unless I will be on a job trip in a hotel with stable connection.
An assistant moderator who doesn't realize that this player has been permanently banned. That's something.
Hey Artik. I'm doing alright thanks. Hope you're well. Yes, the game is fine for me. Just it's not advertised anymore, so noone plays. All the best man, moti