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Splat Competition!
Splat Competition!
Splat Competition!
Hi everyone!

Sorry for being absent of late.  It looks like there are some new players around (and the forum looks worse).

Anyhow, it is time for a splat competition.  For every 10 splats (conquest on TA) from now until January 1st, you can earn 1000 silvers (deposited directly into your bank account after the close of the competition).

The toplist has been copied, but there are only 54 conquestors on the list.  So, if you may have fallen off or just aren't sure, post your starting conquest to this thread to join the competition.

Bonus prizes will unlock as more splatters (i.e. accounts/people, so not just kristal and me adding in our bajillion characters) join in, so spread the word!
- 10+ players: every 100 splats = anti-grav thingy
- 20+ players: every 1000 splats = extra housepart
- 30+ players: super secret mystery prize (i.e. I'm not sure what it will be yet, but if we get there, I'm open to suggestions)
Thanks everyone for taking part!

We had between 11-14 splatters and cleared at least 60,421 monsters!

Prizes will be distributed on Friday - silvers into banks and thingies into your homes - so please let me know if you have any special requests or if I've made a mistake.  Unless I hear from you, your prizes will be distributed to the character that earned them.

kms: 20410 (2,041,000 silvers, 204 thingies)
OmpaLompa 10506
HoneyMonster 6802
UndertheWeather 3102

ezekial: 17219 (172 thingies)
Blumschatten 11619
Kristallmond 5600

kristal: 13855 (1,385,500 silvers, 139 thingies)
Peach 3346
Apple 3403
Parsley 3403
Apricot 3403
Olive 300

7anan: 2640 (264,000 silvers, 26 thingies)
Ghuri 1891
Sleiman 149
Outta 600

sweetandcool/pongajim: 1853 (185,300 silvers, 19 thingies)
Sweetness12 1
sweetandcool 994
Mishka 858

sn82larkinor: 1250 (125,000 silvers, 13 thingies)
By-Tor 300
Broon 210

enteri47: 1235 (123,500 silvers, 12 thingies)
Stoop Kid 1001
AUWHK!!!!! Zero 234

ACEHIGH: 850 (85,000 silvers, 9 thingies)
Lucha Libre 250

ImABigBoyNow: 578 (57,800 silvers, 6 thingies)
chese grader 192
Johnny Deep 305
ketchup_catsup 81

lollercoaster: 529 (52,900 silvers, 5 thingies)
SuperDave 462
Spookster 67

Jacob88: 2
Jacob the Wise 2

unknown start:
Nicram: -Mia Neptune-, Mia Neptune ®, .Mia Neptune.
TC: Doomtrain
Misko: Misulko
Please can I have the silver to HoneyMonster, and anti grave as follows

OmpaLompa 50
HoneyMonster 104
LegalEagle 50

Thanks again
Thanks! It was fun to see everybody work hard to clear the target. If it is okay to distribute items to a character that didn't manage a splat, then I'd like all of my antigrav thingys to go to Yelnats. Otherwise, could all of the silver and antigrav thingys go to my character sweetandcool?
:)  That is great.  Thanks Ezekial.  I hope there will be many more splatters. 

- kristal
Yay! I'm so excited to join my first competition. I just started splatting a week or two ago and am really racking them up :D
Maybe we'll clear that center tile during the competition, only 33.5K to go.
Yay, just starting to get characters high enough level to splat.  I should have mage named Stoop Kid join in splatting soon so you'll see a 55th at some point this month.
Sounds like fun! Thanks for organising this.

SuperDave is starting from 4013 and Spookster is starting from 157.
Good to see it back

Will start today

Outta - started from 0 today 24/12/2022 :) 
my other 2 characters Ghuri & Sleiman are on the toplist already
Not sure it it finishes at the start or end of 1st Jan, but figures below. Thanks again for organising

HoneyMonster - 4913 to 10315 = 5402
UndertheWeather - 26053 to 29055 = 3002
OmpaLompa - 82819 to 93025 = 10206

Total 18,610

If tomorrow may do a few more.  It possible I would like to allocate any rewards to specific of my characters.

Hope everyone is doing well and has a great 2023

Wow, that's a ton! No wonder we cleared our target square (:

I was just examining the top players to get an idea as to how long it takes to make level 100 when I noticed that your character OmpaLompa was just over 1,000,000 clicks. Did you happen to take note as to how many clicks you had when you made level 100? That seems super click efficient, impressive!
Hi Pongajim,

I think I made lvl 100 in 2020 as came back after a long break during lockdown.  Afraid I don’t remember the click count but I was always click conscious (we used to see how many splats in 1000 clicks). I would guess in the 700-800k bracket (have been subbed a in order to hit robbing 500 on LegalEagle).  It was definitely less than 1million.  If you check HoneyMonster (lvl 47, almost 48 in 242 473 clicks) and UndertheWeather (lvl 59 in 348,250 clicks) you may get some idea.  HoneyMonster still in the pain phase of building hp, as they are subbed and UtW isn’t will be interesting to see how many clicks once HM catches.
If today counts I topped up a few more

OmpaLompa now 93325
HoneyMonster now 11715
UndertheWeather now 29155

Total for comp 20,410 across the three characters
Whew, made it to 1001 splats on Stoop Kid... at approximately the start of Jan 1. ;)