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After todays game with a certain player , i decided that i no longer need to waste time in this site . I will divide my points to lower players and call out some cheaters before doing that though .

I don't have proof , but i allegate %100 that top ladder games in this site (like top 15 or up ) are somewhat being monitored by admins or have their rolls tweaked.I have never seen a player never have a loose blot with only 2 points in inner board , no points in mid , and 5 rolls in a row he always has a safe roll.He is also a gammon dodger , cheater (but the ones that have human intervention in it ) and he got helped from first roll to last roll.He had soo many doubles as opposed to my 1/3 compared to his.I rarely hit his loose blots.

Now to the call outs : Most players in the top ladder (top 15 and up ) know each other , and they know some secrets about server.For instance , efe never plays me until i won my last game even when i insisted on playing me early.They luck transfer and point transfer on each other , and they also may have control of the dice and have contacts with the devs.Also 13 ish of the 20 accounts belong to 1 player and he only plays himself.
Users of assistance backgammon program : HQuasar (Crown holder) 
                                                                        Efelerin Efesi
                                  (Anyone that has +%60 win rate over 300 games are most likely using something aswell.)
These 3 names are the ones that i have dijital proof of , obviously there are some legit players up top there.But no need to mention them because they whine a lot.

In conclusion , there is no need to play on such site where there are point transfers , certain players not playing others but themselves , and filled with no life cheaters.

Goodbye everyone . 

Xg .

(I will hand out my points to players 1500 and down , and i have a message to them.There is no need to think about crown

when there is loads of stunters out there in the ladder)

Perhaps stop treating it like your life depends on it and find other things in life where you can gain validation.
Rohadt korrupt tarsasag sajnalom az itt eltoltott idot,szemet moderatorok,adminok az egesz egy nagy szar
you're right a thousand times