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Mission 49
Mission 49
Mission 49
Hi! I'm wondering if anyone has been having trouble with Mission 49? I'm stuck after I lose the iron key in 7c. According to Larkinor Guide in 6c you get teleported either to 1a (in which case you get the iron key again after fighting the monster and can continue the mission) OR 4c (no access to the iron key by any means), but I've repeated the mission more than 10 times and each time I only get teleported to 1a, so I'm effectively stuck. Do I just keep repeating hoping at some point I get lucky and teleport to the right square? I have a higher-level character which has completed this mission before but did not have this problem....
Thank you!
I'm on mission 43 so I can't help you. But if I manage to make it to mission 49 before someone helps you or you figure it out then I will try to help.

I know my reply isn't very helpful but I just wanted to assure you that people have seen your post and I assume haven't replied because they cannot help. Good luck!
hi! that's very kind of you. Thank you! Good luck and have fun playing!
Hello! Wondering if anyone can help. My character has advanced a few levels since then but I still haven't been able to complete the mission because of the teleport issue...I've tried this mission 30+ times and each time just get teleported to the square with the young microdragons (which essentially means the mission cannot be finished) but never the pukipu square needed to proceed. It's incredibly frustrating to be missing out on attributable points from mission mushrooms. This must be a bug of some sort? I know I have completed this mission with zero issue before with another character...
Have you tried following the mission map on Larkinorguide . com?
Yes. I've used the guide to complete the exact same mission with another character so I know for sure I'm not doing the mission wrong. There is no way to avoid losing the iron key in 7C and the only way to proceed is to get teleported in 6C to 1A where you can get another iron key. The problem is that in 6C you get randomly teleported to 1A (the desired outcome) OR 4C (no way to complete the mission), and I've tried 30+ times and every single time I only get teleported to 4C.
I finally cleared the mission! Did you ever figure it out? 

If not, I can help: After losing the iron key, you go north and teleport. If you are teleported to the microdragons, then make your way to question 3 (South, East, South).

Choosing the last option, you will be teleported to one of the granitedragons to the east of the question. If you were teleported to the old granitedragon, head North then West. 

Otherwise, head North until you fight the centaur boss. Then go West, and then North until it is no longer possible. Then head West until you recover the iron key.

Good luck!
Hi! Thanks a lot for your help! I'll try it out soon when I've got enough clicks and hope it works! But it's still so weird that the teleport has been only to one location (the microdragons) in the 30+ times I've tried the mission when it should be random (it was for the first character that I used to complete the mission).
Hi there! Thanks for your help, really appreciate it, and I did complete the mission this time, BUT this is gonna sound super weird - I'm certain I *HAVE* done the exact same thing before, but got stuck at square 1d, unable to pass through the socket door through to the hyppopegasus and then the pukipu with the iron key. Which doesn't make any sense because you get all the available keys except the iron key in one go at 6a, the iron key at 5b, and then lose the iron key before you teleport. So there's literally no way I could have gotten to square 1d but somehow missing the socket key -_- 
Anyway it worked now but that was a strange glitch!
Very strange. I'm glad you made it! It just took me several months to catch up to you (: