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Bullet Checkers
Bullet Checkers
Bullet Checkers
Bullet checkers is for a minute each opponent. How can it be a draw when I have 14 secs left, 3 kings against an opponent with 1 sec and one king. The time on Bullet checkers needs to be respected and a full minute per player should be allocated. A draw is only a draw if both parties agree
Hi Cathy25, Don't take me wrong, but I don't agree at all with what you mention.
As you said, the 1minute time is given equally to each player, it's up to each one to know how to manage it, what you are proposing not only favors those who play slowly, either by thinking too much or by using a program, but also harms those who play honestly and intelligently to protect themselves from the opponent, even with a smaller number of pieces.
That's why the room is called: Bullet Checkers, speed, intelligence and experience should prevail.
Have fun✌