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Digger's Clan status
Digger's Clan status
Digger's Clan status
Hello!  I hope this isn't a dumb question but I had my digger apply to the digger's clan about a week ago.  Anyone know if the leader/deputies are still active to see that at some point?  Just checking if I should apply elsewhere.  :)  Take care all.
I have the same problem. I applied a while ago, close to a month now, I think. I assume at some point someone will get on and accept us.
Hi, I've been waiting for well over six months now. Might be best to apply elsewhere.
I guess I should take this opportunity to advertise. Literature Club is currently recruiting! I have no idea which direction the clan will take, but I'm hopeful that it will become active. Currently have 2 unique accounts and I'm working on an alt to also join. So we just need 2 more accounts to join before we become active.
Hi, sprry haven't been around in a while, i'm a deputy so can appect any applicants, will check back in in a few days :)
Will - I will apply to the clan in 15 days as my digger will be leaving a different clan.  Please check back then if you're able.
Just to let you know, I applied again. :)