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improve forum user interface
improve forum user interface
improve forum user interface
Dear Developers!

I have 2 issues. First is:
The „illegal” characters are a big problem when we try to mention other players in our topic. I have just write a post abour cheaters multiple nick users, and their nickname contained non printable characters almost always. I was not able to write their name, but find 2 sollutions: First We have user id, which is notan  easily accessable thing.. or.. what i found easier: decode it. Each solution takes many time to execute.

So I have 2 recommendation:
(1)   Let us use  all the existent character in the forum
(2)   show user id on the players profil.
Other thing is.. when i write a long topic, the input field shows only few row. I would suggest make the field height bigger.

Thank you in advance!