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1 / Everyday, I gave the world day (Reversi).
2 / Almost everyday, I shared some musics.
3 / Everyday, I was very polite (I was one of the most polite players here at Reversi ... 100 % sure).

BUT ... I was banned for 3 days ...

I didn't understand at all ....

Banned for ban evasion (I have never never done ban evasion ...).

I don't understand ...

Hello, luxembourg.

ban evasion means = you recently had a demerit/ban and you used other nickname to avoid this.

I can only see this explanation.

please read, rules of use. section 5- banishment
LUXEMBOURG got banned and reset on his name in reversi.I think that's the reason of his ban. Judging by his stats it looked like he played someone and the player given up several times and it looked like " point banking " and looks like mods banned him for this reason. ( This is just my guess)
How do they determine ban evasion, do they compare the IP address of the 2 accounts and look if they are the same?
Hello My friend. Where are you?
it is not really about sharing the world day, being polite or sharing music. That's a nice thing to do, but most important on a gaming site is NOT TO CHEAT. Everything else comes second.