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Subsription via mobile phone
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Subsription via mobile phone
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Subsription via mobile phone
Tried to subscribe on one bip but can't anybody tell me why?
maybe you are not taking the right steps, I subscribed today and it works
after choosing subscription fee and accepting T @ c it goes straight to this................. PAYMENT NOT COMPLETED, we are sorry but we can’t complete the transaction.
The service/content provider selected is not enabled to process Onebip payments.
For more information please contact your service/content provider.
Good morning Sonny Boy , 

Two small explanations on ,
How to get a flyordie subscription.
You have at first, the subscription for one month which is payable by mobile by indicating in the required location your mobile number (telephone) this payment will therefore be invoiced to you by your supplier "internet + mobile + TV .... .
Secondly, you have the option of paying by bank card, the simplest is "Visa".
Currently in almost all banks you can obtain a bank card which is automatically included in the "Visa" system WITH A FOUR-DIGIT CODE ON THE BACK. Don't forget that you will need a bank card reader (secured and provided by your bank) to finalize your payment, whether for a month or yearly.

Never ask a third party to use their bank card reader to help you. The data (Pin code and card code) are personal, transmitting them to a third party could create problems for you.

I wish you a lot of pleasant time under a subscriber status, which gives you access to multiple applications.
Good room and good games

i only subscribe with phone(more convenient).....but i can't...as i said in my last post after choosing subscription fee and clicking the terms of service box there should be a box to put my phone nmb in....but it just goes straight to that message in the window.
Maybe you have to check that its the country where you live, which appear in the onebip subscribtion form. Once it was wrong country for me, and I had same experience as yours.
United Kingdom automatically selected....definitely not working.