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All time results stats possible?
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All time results stats possible?
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All time results stats possible?
Is there a way to see all my games/results, since the very beginning and not just the last 10 games? I'd love to se how i was doing back in 2004-05 and how i've progressed over the years.
Hello, Komunqga.

Actually, you cannot see.  All you can do see is, last games you matched , without subscriber you can see 9 games you did , with subscriber you can see almost 20 games already, in ur profile.
Can't imagine FOD would want to store every record of every game played by every user, imagine the memory this would take up on the servers...
How bad could it be? It's just a list with results with the dates. Do you really think it's going to be heavier on data than an average internet forum? I really don't know, i'm not an expert, but if i am to guess, i don't it'll make much of a difference, but it could've been a great addition.

Anyway, i have my answer, i wanted to know if there's a way to see all my games, now i know there isn't. Thanks.
I'll do a very rough calculation, using the example that an average of 50,000 games are played a day.

1 Game -----> 
10,000 Byte (B)

1 Day --------> 
0.46 Gigabyte (GB)

1 Month -----> 
13.80 Gigabyte (GB)

1 Year -------> 
165.60 Gigabyte (GB)

21 Years ----> 
3,477.60 Gigabyte (GB)

Fun Fact:
5,600,000 (Five Million Six Hundred Thousand)
 books as an example.
This thread is currently 
1,722 bytes
 in size.

A byte is a character (letter, number, etc.). Even if the data sets are supposedly small, the volume over time is enormous. 

There was a thread here on the forums working on a 'replay' mode. At that time there was also an approximate calculation and it was planned to make such an extra service for subscribers only.


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