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Here's a question
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Here's a question
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Here's a question
What does NBK, LNCD, LBJO and DTONA stand for?
Nitro Ball Kingdom
Larp Nation Chaos Department
Low Battery Joint Outlaw
Darkness Through Outstanding Navy Angles.

I have a creeping feeling that you just made that up. :D 

But if you didn't, then thanks.
Nah, not buying it. I was right. I asked the people with those weird letters in front. They know.
It is a league or clan. NBK = Nameless Black Knights Team; LNCB = Liga Nacional de Clã Brasileiro; LBJO = Liga Nacional de Jogos Online and DTONA = Detona ( this word means " Destroy " in portuguese. There are a couple more like LBDT, A.V.K, etc...
lncb has been a thing forever it seems, and yes it seems to indicate a member of some sort of brazilian league.
I am MakingCenturies, brazilian, so im sure about what i have explained !!!
(Liga Nacional dos Clãs Brasileiros)
 was the first league to join FlyOrDie in the early 2000s
I've been part of it and it was the best team and competition site by far compared to the others