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FlyOrdie Premier League 
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FlyOrdie Premier League 
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FlyOrdie Premier League 
Dear All,

If you want to join the Premier League and play 38 matchs league season every weekends, here is you chance to challenge all best players.

The rules are : 

- 20 players for Premier League will play 38 matchs (like football ) season
- Every weekend i will send you the schedulled matchs to play 
- The games will be played Best Of 10
- The winner is the one who wins 6 games
- a Draw match will be considered if 5-5 
- 3 points for the winner , 1 point for draw and 0 for a match lost

if we get more than 20 players there will be a second league too for players who are less ranked overall in FlyOrDie 8Ball

MakingCenturies - Mateus- Brazil . Im in 
Mr.Century / Anthony France Im in :) 
Moi je suis partant, Laskar 220 ou R.Quaresma
mayas/Ghiles- Algerie, I'm in
Actually we have 13 players in registred for Premier League:

Laskar 220
Senior Aire

7 more players to start
Sorry Translator but there are a couple of programs lol. Im gonna out ! 
Not to be negative but it is unrealistic to have 20 players commit to playing every week over a 38 week period. 8/10 over a month or two instead of 9months would be much more viable. As posted above by makingcenturies including a well known french programmer in the league is just asking for bad news and I'm sure there will be further withdrawals until he is removed from the list. Just my opinion.
Is it a joke ? I’m a programmer ? … Guys I was crown /  on the top 20 when the program assist was not on the game , I had some records on YouTube and I streamed a lot of games. I never and I will never use a program for play a virtual game for virtual points. 
Anthony (the one and only) 

Ps : Rob, Kieran asked me yesterday the same about No-Hit , moderation please doing something I’m not this guy and we know he is a programmer like Six Furiouz Csoma etc 
Lol is Sam Smith Ant?  I e No Hit?  Calling himself a program player ? Very confusing
je vais suivre Mateus, il y des programmer, donc des tricheurs, alors veuillez me retirer de la ligue s'il vous plaît. 
Program assist has been for years, and without it you would never get crown. Time to wake up from your dream. No-hit/ mr.century/ Mя.Cєитuяy /Sam smith/ anthony :) 
Sam Smith! 
even the assumption is offensive, look at my youtube channel my son, I can u teach how to play!! Go cry my kid❤️
You are suggesting that you are Ant. But Ant had a evasion ban.(banned for good) So you can't be Ant. Why you pretend to be Ant? Or you are really Ant and you use a other ipadress. But then the mods are definitely find out, and you get banned again. One tip, Play fair, be humble and be nice to another person. Good luck whoever you are!! 
hi count me in if this is going ahead

anxietyhangover - Martin - Scotland/Czech Republic
Just way to many of the regular cheats putting their names forward for this to ever happen or be fun... Shame.
J'aimerai participer aussi, comment dois je procéder ? Merci 
Most of the report abusers are cheaters themselves, Its very comic. :D
There are so many path users on fod now they have given up 
Count me in

Jose Carlos88/Jose_C. - US Virgin Islands
Is this ever to happen Translator?