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All games not working
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All games not working
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All games not working
Windows updated last night. Now no game will start. I see a flash of logo, then a blank green screen with a blank advertisement banner.
Firefox. Cleared all cookies and cache.
Hello, pjackson59.

I use windows 11 with microsoft edge.
Try a different program.
I believe there's a problem with compatible (program) versions windows in some websites. Things doens't stop working because you made a update.
keep it in mind, .. something is missing.  Take a look at our FAQ,  this can help you. 
Same problem with mine. It was working fine before. What do you mean try a different program?
I had to open FlyorDie in Edge, which I don't prefer, but the platform works great there. Hope you find a way to play again.
Try changing browsers from Firefox to Google Chrome
It turns out to be Java related. It doesn't work in Chrome or Edge either, but does work in Explorer. I had this issue with a crossword puzzle years ago. 
I did not know that Flyordie used Java, and I'm surprised that it worked at all for the last year. I'll try to figure out how to get it going in another browser and post again.
It stopped working on Google Chrome late last week. It still works on Mozila Firefox. It started working again today, Tuesday, on Chrome and then stopped again. I hope they get this fixed.  

The games run normally and there is currently no "general" problem. It is best to play in a browser with the Chrome engine. Very few games still run on Java.. (Darts and Tanx for example) .. for these games you should use a browser that still supports Java.

If it still doesn't work, then you should update your system.

]>> More information here <<


FlyOrDie Moderator Team

Hello, pjackson59.

Yes, actually Flyordie uses java to run a few board games.

Please take a look into this site. 

Starting from April 15, Google Chrome no longer supports Java. I know use Mozilla firefox to play.