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Musical Prayers for Ukraine and Her People 
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Musical Prayers for Ukraine and Her People 
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Musical Prayers for Ukraine and Her People 
Good day,  
With a wing and a prayer, I hope these Musical Prayers will be allowed here.  For me, Me Music, singing, playing, listening, and dancing to Are Prayers. And, to some extent, All FlyOrdier's are as well!!

Here are a couple of songs I use to lift my spirits. It is my hope that Y'all will too! :)* 

-Calling All Angels 

-Bob Dylan - With God on Our Side (Official Audio) 


It is a Traditional God Sunday. They're motivational, hope You think so as well if You choose to listen. 

 -To Everything, There is a Season by Pete Seeger in Sun City West, AZ (Sung with a beautiful Choir).

Last One from me...methinks We all know it and/or know of! It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it~*.
-Judy Collins - Amazing Grace (Best Version) 

Well, that's is plenty for me. How about other people's song-share for Peace and freedom For Ukraine, and her people? Please feel free to participate.

God bless us all! Amen ~*

In this unbelievably awful time music can be prayer and empowerment. I'm not a very religion focused person, but would like to share this for the people of Ukraine.

The song in post no 2 is : UB40  Sing our own song.
Cool 3amcoffee! Thanks for contributing:)

Yusuf / Cat Stevens – Peace Train (Live at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, 2006)
"Peacetrain is a charity initiative by the Yusuf Islam Foundation under the patronage of Yusuf / Cat Stevens with an emphasis on feeding programmes, solar water wells, and peacebuilding projects

 ." ~*


The song's for GOD Day is an annual event! Rock n' Roll musicians give the proceeds to various needed charities. This year they're also giving help to Ukraine and, Her people~! It's held in the world-famous  Beacon Theatre NY.

 It happened on 3/10/2022! This is just one; Melissa Etheridge Singing Come Together @ Love Rocks NYC 

Peace out----------------------------------------------------->

nice post judy like always !
Aw, thank You Malik dear!

Just found this when searching for spiritual videos. It just appeared and seemed to be begging to be shared!
 It gave me goosebumps! ~*

I AM Michael Michael Michael Decree 10:07 - Stand with 

Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen's song for Ukraine with new lyrics, 2022