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Presence of "tururus" on classment lists
Presence of "tururus" on classment lists
Presence of "tururus" on classment lists
Through the "more rankings" section, you have access in "fly or die" site, section "reversi", to 3 lists of 50 subscribed players (highest rankings, highest victory percentages, number of games). Normally, people with red ! (program usage detected) are excluded from those lists.

Though, there is a player "tururus" registered on 28/11/2013, ranked about 250, present in the 2 first of those lists, about 35th on the 1st and 3rd on the 2nd one, though he has the red !.

Please remove "tururus" from those 2 lists. I will be very grateful if you do.
Would be better to just extend the list to 75 or 100 tho and i can imagine you dont like cheating but it has no influence on your participation, just ignore and dont play them instead of flaming him personally on this forum ty.
No this is not what i want !!! I do not want extended lists !!!

I want lists virgin of program detected players and nothing else !!!

I know well enough that all cheaters are not detected, i know it perfectly... But as soon as it is detected, i do not want them in the lists... In fact this has already been the policy of the site for a long time. I am just asking for the correction of a technical mistake.

I have nothing against the player Tururus personnally, i am defending a principle !

Otherwise, it is possible to give 10 medals to the Olympic Games hoping that at least an honest sportsman gets one finally !

Yours sincerely. Long live to the "Fly or Die" site !
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