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Some possible innovations in the game
Some possible innovations in the game
Some possible innovations in the game
Just advice for flyordie family.   My think  ( 2,6,12) so important for game.

1) clan system. A clan name with a maximum length of 6-8 characters.  For example [Justice] Maxi .   Each clan can consist of up to 5-8 people.  It should be prevented from having more than one user from the same ip address.  The clan with the most points can have a burning asterisk. This will increase competition.  Organizations can be created between clans over time. 

2) there are a lot of users who come to room 1 for insulting purposes with newly received names.  Room 1 can be scored with the entry limit. For example, it can be +400 for the backgammon section. Or, people may be prevented from writing in room 1 before 400 points. 

3) qualifying order can be created in tournaments. For example, if 50 people are participating, the number of games can be 3.  People who are defeated can be eliminated directly. This order will be more just. 

4) you can create various events for special occasions. For example, a 10-day subscription gift to the first person in a tournament that will be held on New Year's Eve.  

5) the person who is the first in the games ( the king), who has the most points, may be given the right to make an announcement. For example, the ability to write in yellow text that everyone can see. Increases competition. 

6) a special room can be created for banned users.  For example, the exile's room. Deterrence will increase if banned users stop there until their fines are over. 

7) in order to make the forum more useful, voice chat rooms can be created in the forum to increase the interaction of different cultures.  

8) the brand value of the game can be increased by using the youtube platform intensively, especially in tournaments and special events. 

9) although it is a virtual gaming platform, it can be an intermediary for social social activities. For example, a tournament can be organized for a donation to an environmental foundation.  Participation in the tournament is paid. The participants' money is donated to the foundation. A 30-day subscription can be given to the winner of the tournament. 

10) A special invitation event that brings together players and managers can be organized every 3-5 years in the central country of Europe.  ( English), an invitation can be sent to users with a 9 dice rank and chat periodically with a video system (in English). 

11) I am a fan of the fact that two opponents can make a game on equal points. It will be more accurate if a game request can be sent with a maximum difference of 0-200 points.
the fact that a person with 300 points sends a request to someone with 700 points constitutes a win-loss discrepancy in case of possible defeat and is not fair.  Of course, one can play willingly, but the system will better protect one's interests with this scheme. Alternatively, rooms can be designed according to the colors for the score levels. But this last thing I said can negatively affect people who come to the site for a chat. For this reason, the first alternative is more suitable . 

12) finally, user names that have not been in the game for a long time or have been permanently banned, for example, after 3 years can be permanently deleted automatically. I am also a supporter of preventing user names from being retrieved using shaped characters.