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Turning a thief/fighter into robber/semi?
Turning a thief/fighter into robber/semi?
Turning a thief/fighter into robber/semi?
I have a thief/fighter here:

Name: GoldHanded
Experience level: 22
Hitpoints: 460
Manapoints: 87
Strength: 6
Quickness: 18
Intelligence: 1
Luck: 26
Dexterity: 16
Persistence: 48

Currently I am focusing more on persistence to boost my hitpoint count. Even so, my persistence fighter is catching up in levels and has amassed more hitpoints than GoldHanded.

Since I recently subscribed and my persistence fighter is becoming stronger than my thief, I was thinking about adding Intelligence and turning GoldHanded into a robber/semi. Low MP shouldn't be a concern if I only use magic once as a ranged attack each fight. So now I have some questions.

* Is it too late to make a mage/fighter semi out of him?
* Can I gain magic skill experience even when spells do no damage?
* Is this even a good idea?
Your magic percentage increases based on mana used, not on damage done, so you can level up your spells while not actually doing much (or any) damage.  GoldHanded is low enough that you might be able to make a decent switch, though it's going to be slow.

In my opinion, it's better to have an idea for your character's stats rather than trying to convert them partway through.  Especially for pers and int, trying to fix stats never works as well as getting those hp/mp increases as early as possible (as you see with your pers fighter).

Good luck.
I know about LarkinorGuide. I know about LarkinorGuide's character guides. If I believed LarkinorGuide answered my questions, I wouldn't be asking for player opinions here.

Is it worth turning GoldHanded into a robber/semi?

Do I get magic experience from useless spells, or am I going to have to hunt weak monsters to level my magic skill enough to be useful?
Well, I did it. For science.

Had 199% skill exp and hit Magic level 2 after a skirmish.

However, spells that fail to do damage ("Your magical attack was useless!") apparently 
do not
 give any magic skill experience. Casting low level magic on a 200 year old vampire didn't make my magic skill percent budge even a bit.

To be fair, I don't think competent players that have specific builds planned for their characters are likely to start training magic 21 levels after creating a character.

I was fortunate to run into a weak monster. Casting level 2 magic on a mammutfly larva did grant experience and raised my magic level to 3. Looks like I'll have to seek out low level monsters until my spells can actually harm more level-appropriate ones.

On the other hand, healing spells on the overworld grant magic experience and... so do mana-draining monsters?

I got +1 magic skill level after a fight with a mana-draining stormelemental even though I only used my weapons.