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Crowning   the   prog   user is  ridiculous
Crowning   the   prog   user is  ridiculous
Crowning   the   prog   user is  ridiculous
   It   looks   a   joke  when   a   prog   user   has  crown   beside  with  red  mark. It   means   that  we   are   not   accepting   human  skill  but  appriciating   artificial   intelligence. I  will   suggest    not  to  crown  a   prog  User   that   will  regard    and   promote   the  fair  game.
    When a  prog  user  gets crown  fully rewarded  for   cheating showing   a  red  mark  and  a crown dignify   the   cheating. Indirectly says  no  matter if   one   cheat  even  than  is  the  champion  we  admit and   encourage  cheating that  is  failure of  judgement   and  rewards.
I don't know why cheating is allowed on this site and to give one of the biggest cheats the crown is disgraceful!!
In all fairness it would be far better to award the better players who deserve the crown.
   It is   the   norms  on  what  we  operate that  determine  the  developement what   get. Lets  ask  everyone   what  says  wether a  cheat  deserves  rewards. I   dont  think  anyone  will  agree  to  reward  a  cheat  rather  will  say  to  discourage  a  cheat  to   make  society  free  and  fair. I  will  keep  comments  on  till  results.

Any  thing   cant   stand  long on  a  weak  foundation. If   flyordie  is  set  to  develope  on  cheat  and  lie foundation we  can  imagine  where it  heads ultimate destruction because  cheat  and  lie  is  the  major  cause  of  destruction.
i agree cheats should not be rewarded.this demonstrates where society is heading 
happy to see fly or die no longer rewards cheats with the crown im very pleased thank you fly or die for fairness
   Really  appriciate   the  step  of  crowning   a  fair  player that   builds  the   trust  on  site. Wish   we  all  work  for this  site  prosperity  as  a  fair  gaming  site which   may   hold  world  class  champions.
I was always shocked to see a program user wearing the crown next to his red !.

So i want to thank very very very much the site "fly or die" for the modification of this rule. It looks to me very important for moral considerations to reward honest players and not "cheaters". 

So thank you again, and be sure that the great majority of the players is very satisfied, even if they do not express themselves officially. I have talked to enough players of reversi to be really sure about this.
Long life to this site !!!
But are you appriciating human skill or are you saying that as a excuse to badmouth?
No please, do not call me a bad mouth !!! I am friend with a player that deserved the crown so many times and was sad about not having it !!!

So my first feeling is really the pleasure of seeing players talented and hard workers on the game get this reward of the crown !!! This is 95 % of my real feelings.

Now, may be less noble 5% of me is also satisfied to see people without talent or comprehension or even love or taste for this game no more parading with an undeserved crown and indifferent to the honest players deprived of it.

I have the same kind of feelings for the doping in sport.

Yours sincerely.