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Possibly the  best robbery ever
Possibly the  best robbery ever
Possibly the  best robbery ever
In the midst of searching the room, you feel a snarelock gripping your arms! (1091)
After a long untying process, you succeed!
You weed out the contents of the drawers at a quick pace, making a great heap of things on the ground. When you find the size of the pile big enough, you look through it to find something valuable...
You stuff the following things into your sack: 199,136 silvers, a net, 380 aqua deis, 9500 vampiric herbs, 31 alien gadgets, 252 wizardrobes, 4686 treasures, 1440 mobilo diavovinos and 2 subtatoos.
A glimmer catches your attention to the ground! You append 10 diamond nails to your loot.
After rummaging through the junk, you realize that Lilac lives here! You hear a sudden noise and leave the house.
22894 experience points earned!
You need 437 220 more experience points for the next level!
PS if you can help me from having to discard it for weight please shout. I have got rid of the potions, crowbars etc but still about 300kg overloaded.

Chat not loading on iPad but will check forum in case you see this.
I will be very happy to help you with that!
Stuck on Mage Tower dark district, will refresh in case you see this
You cast a spell! Hellfire bursts from your hands! 3707 hitpoints damage made!
You've won a heroic battle!!!
You take 199,137 silvers, 196 aqua deis, 2 dragon horns and 126 wizardrobes from your opponent.

I like to do this again.