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TANX Removed From The Games List?
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Dear Moderators
TANX Removed From The Games List?
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Dear Moderators
TANX Removed From The Games List?
Why remove it when people still subscribe to it, people still play it daily and people still take part in the Tournaments. I don't understand why you would remove it from the main homepage making it difficult for people to actually get on it. Fair enough, it's not a lot of people who still play it but few is always better than none and I know it still turns some form of a profit.. even if it's miniscule at best. You shouldn't just erase it.

Seems a bit unreasonable..
All games will be converted to HTML5... :|
Theirs no alternative for Tanx in terms of game play.

There are tons of billiard games comparable to the once fod has to offer.

Billiards is no way better than Tanx used to be back in 2000s.
Tanx is died and u need to understand it. And it is not even close to be better than billiards or bullet !
Tanx isn't being updated as promised and it never will.

Updating it to HTML5 would bring some players back maybe some new interface and such like other HTML5 games.

Infact admins, mods. No one wants to take care of Tanx and help it forward except senior players like Jeff, Sentinel and players like präctice.

The game is heavily neglect through the last decade and of course no one plays a game like that when you are a new player.

I wonder but it wont surprise me Tanx will be deleted even tho i think Tanx looks better than Billiards and Chess on this website, better graphics, better game-play and a seriously interesting competitive history.

Please, realise that those time consuming stuff they had to do they couldve spend time on your Tanx II idea instead ;)
www.flyordie.com/tanx - for those who have need help in accessing the browser game version again. Once page is opened in Edge browser (Win10 here still) - find 'Reload in Internet Explorer mode' in Edge's settings. After installing Java - game works, for me at least.
Also hi everyone, been a while since I visited. As a side note - if you would like to talk (those who know me) you could find me in Larkinor chat most likely.
Finally, please don't be mad about moderators taking time to reply, their job is tough and time-consuming with the amount of cases to review across the site. Please be patient and understanding. 
Thanks for reading.
Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, we also have no information about whether there will be an update for Tanx.

It is currently unplayable in most browsers. There are no plans to completely remove the game, so it will remain for the existing community.

That's all the information we can share with you. 
(..they can still change)

Have fun!


FlyOrDie Moderator Team
Still no response, figures.

I remember the days where Mods replied within hours, nowadays it takes months apparently.
Snooker is the arrogant game in Flyordie, it doesn't turn around at all to other games and will therefore not feel any sympathy to have everything that keeps us Tanx players busy. 
@Player_No1 aka The Moderator.

Mate, I know you moderate these forums and approve posts all the time. Im just genuinely looking for some answers. I know as a Moderator you're sometimes in contact with those higher in ranking, e.g Admins. Could you possibly provide a little insight as to what's actually going on with TANX and whether or not it has any future or if it's actually going to get shut down. That's all I want to know. If its out of your hands to provide such information then fair enough mate.. but you have to think from a players perspective, what concerns me. You, yourself are a player too of several games so I'm sure you wouldn't be too pleased to see one disappear if they were either of your favoured games. Just want some answers bud.

A response would be greatly appreciated, Cheers.
unreasonable is the key word for the misleading drainage which cost Tanx the core.
Tanx, Unplayed for many but unforgotten by us.
Yeah perhaps Player_No1 could provide some information.

Shame about it happening with Darts, liked that game just wasn't much good at it. When I tried to play it was full of bankers from Chile back them and they just put me off the game entirely. Tried to play again in later years, but most players had quit it seems.
Tanx deserves so much more historically than they achieve.
I have noticed the same with darts no longer being on the home page ,i have been a long term player of darts and have had some good times and played a lot of games really hope this is not the end.I do play 8ball but it's not the same for me

hopefully a mod can shed some light on this