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I can't believe a girl is beating you all in the weekly Tanx tourneys. :)
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I can't believe a girl is beating you all in the weekly Tanx tourneys. :)
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I can't believe a girl is beating you all in the weekly Tanx tourneys. :)
I always cannot believe when an alleged girl is better at Tanx than guys. I would need proof they really are a girl.

Princess Sophia is winning the tourneys.

They have been here since 2009.

Their profile pic is of a girl wearing a Covid mask, I would say. Can it be really them or someone they know they are using this pic of?

I don't think you can change your in-game name here at flyordie, so if that is correct, Princess Sophia has been here since 2009.

Else they used this name since 2009 and are not really a girl, but like having such a nick.

Or another possibility of "untrue" identity: they are using someone else's -- a friend's -- account who gave it to them.

I only knew one girl here at flyordie Tanx years ago -- who was much better than me at Tanx at that time (I have improved much since then; and I also do not know them anymore) -- when I was using a previous nick.
Princess Sophia is probably ComandrCool a old tanx player / well known cheater and programmer. The girl in the picture is just some random picture he found.He has many accounts he puts female pictures on it and changes which country he's from.He has other accounts where mod banned before. Older tanx players know about this particular individual. if you ask them.
You may be right, and it is Commander kool or whomever you said it was (need to read your post again to note the name).

But instead if it is another individual, and a girl, then we should acknowledge girls can be even better than the majority of players. (Unless this individual cheats somehow.)

So if Princess Sophia is really who they say they are, and is a player who does not cheat, I congratulate them on being the best -- in my eyes -- at the weekly Tanx tourneys at present. :D

If I put some time for the tourney and Princess Sophia is there also, I will see how good they really are (never played yet in a tourney against them.) I don't know when I will play my next tourney, though.
Girls can use softer touches and have more sensitive movements with in case of a mouse in tanx has benefaction.

Princess Sophia played Tanx back in 2009 and they were part of a also Female acknowledged community outside of fod so it wont suprise me players like lionceau, dorigoale, Princess Sophia are social angled from the same perspective, and no, They are not just CommandrCool, They are a bunch of socialised introvert people who are known by and of the UBR community and they been around for along time on this site and imo well attached and well mannered. Winners, Not to downtalk police but the tournies are beyond more intresting with the current line-up than 2020 and i like to see the weekly results come across.
I am new i swure,

Lionceau was a female you say?! I always thought lionceau would be a male.

You say Princess Sophia is a real female. And I remember dorigoale in one or a few tourneys, and they got first place in one or more tourneys I guess, and suspected they were not female like their profile pic showed... Now you say they are another real female.

I don't know if you are telling me the truth.

Well, I might be there for tomorrow's November 11, 2021 Tanx tourney. I asked FTW Undisputed to be there.

Might see any or all of you there tomorrow, if I am there.
Its not true that they are only female. Yes lionceau and Princess Sophia are females but there are more people from their socialisation like ribeiro.waldir who won 5 tournaments, UBR Murky who won a tourny, COMANDR COOL who was great at gomoku around 2017, dorigoale who won 10 tournaments at least. UnidosRevolution a former moderator was part of them and won 12 tournaments. Softwind and HighRisk both won tournies and are part of their socialisation. UBR Sunlover, PaLadium, .Timur, Sgt.Gumbo, mathamagician, ComandrCool and Satisfaction, Victoria98 M.J.C.Erixson, ThermaL, newrookie, was part of them. BigMaster is one of their members and i was part of them aswell just like I'm new i swure, They play alot because they are VIP players and they play Tournies to praise their vip status and they keep the game from dying alittle further.
They are in a Skype chat communicating to each other daily, a hidden conversation with no name. :)
Tanx_tourneys is just police with a 2nd nick.
The main reason that she (or he) wins these tournaments is that the rest of the tournament participants are actually grand prix players. Not even a single former tanx player takes a part in these tournaments. I don't wanna judge her skills because she could be talented but I'm pretty sure any of the old tanx players could beat these participants who only play for VIP status or GP score.
" COMANDR COOL who was great at gomoku around 2017 "

lol he was never good at gomoku he used a program and cheated in all board games including chess. And banned many times. He was only good at tanx.

Also Princess Sophia is cheating right now. In chess bullet 1 she is crown with 1270 using autochess program and bullet 2 cheating with autochess crown.
infrared20 and UBR De Miranda,

I read both of your replies.

I thought lionceau was a guy and thought the profile pic of an art creation depicting a woman's face was just showing he wanted to show feminine beauty as his profile pic. But it actually was a female who wanted to show art depicting a female's face.

Ok, UBR De Mirando, they have a Skype chat these "vip" players.
TANX TORNAY'S 1v1 RATED Dont Be Hussled or Twisted KÖ!
A Tourney is only for VIP participants, Monthleys are for Month Participants which is more urgent and relevant in best clan than tournies will ever reveal the true dominance score over-ally over 15 years of time. periodically.
Thanks for all the new replies -- I read all of them -- that I do not reply individually to. Your replies would be for others as well, not just me, I guess. I really did lousy in the November 11, 2021 tournament (last place with 0 points). To tell you the truth, I was not trying my best...

When I try my best, I can get often 3rd place, or on a rarer occasion, 2nd place. But I am not into Tanx like before. Like I said: "This is not the only online game I play".
To be honest, if those Skype friends cared as much then they wouldve not just play for VIP but for month/tournies and such. Kinda lame isnt it?