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NO V.I.P. Status Etc.
NO V.I.P. Status Etc.
NO V.I.P. Status Etc.
There's something wrong with our last tourney! The five of us, V.I.P.'s did not get gold stars and, I came in 3rd but for the grace of God! Lol. And, in my information states, I have won 3rd place 8 times. Not so! It is now 9 times!

Please rectify this. The last tourney was 
It shows 3rs there only. No one else got their golden stars as well.

Thanks very much!


Thanks a lot! All the nine 3rd place's show now.

Boo hoo, no golden star! :-p .

Maybe next time. Wink.

Take care : ))*

it will happen judy it takes time to control the tournament often it is between 2 and 10 days after the tournament :) and you will have your very beautiful star

Salam, Malik,

Ahh, I see. Yes, I have it now. Yay! No doubt all 5 of us do.

Lol, I'll be more patient in the future:p