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Dice are not random
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Dice are not random
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Dice are not random
The dice are not at all random. They are based on the existing situation on the board and they favors one player or the other. It seems that the designer of the game hasn't any clue how to generate random dice. Or maybe this is exactly the purpose. Anyway it is pathetic.
Four years, still the same kind of manipulation by the server! The dices probability simply does not match mathematics. It is getting ridiculous, the server is favoring the losers (!) and sets any real player/sports off! Back Gammon for champs is also a vision of probabilities of the dices. This server does not allow/inhibits this or show other undisclosed interests to keep as many sheep's playing as possible. Who knows!? Digital distortion! Over and out! 
Thats basicly why i aint play this game on here. Its like a Casino for time wasters.
Thanks for affirming what I have been saying for ever.  Been playin Adikus online and have kept track of some games and come up with the same results. They claim the rolls are random but it is so not true.  Amazing with the technology today this can’t or won’t be fixed.
Very disturbing these games are so fixed. 
I recently played some games. It seemed like dice was favouring my opponent all 3 games in a row, but I think the reality is I just played worse. And I was the weaker player, and I don't play much. So based on this little experiment -
1. Of course dice would favour one of the two players, it's highly unlikely to keep the symmetry during the whole game. Whoever's more lucky gets the more suitable dots.
2. No, dice doesn't favour a weaker side (me) - otherwise I would win at least 1 of 3 games :D
3. In what world would it be harder to write 'Dice1 = R6; Dice2 = R6;' than 'Dice1 = If{Rating1-Rating2/100 < 1: R6: Else{Rating1-Rating2/100 < 2: R5+1: Else...}...}...}... Or whatever that code would look like??? Sorry, not a programmer myself, but it's just a common sense.
4. One man's luck is another man's unluck; everyone has unlucky days sometimes.
No wonder these posts keep appearing, as everyone likes to win, yet the game involves dice which sometimes influences the outcome quite drastically. Yet the probability of getting X on any of two dices is 1/6, and which X-es you get is a matter of occurrence.
Best regards,
 i was for months out here because of this: dices are not random.
Today i tried 3 games and no surprise, nothing chanced.
Dices win thats the rule for bagamon here so dont waste your time!!!
Im out again and you should do the same isnt worth, to play here and moderators did nothing like allways.
If the server favorite the loser, i will be the best player!
Your hypothesis is bad. Server had a system of "echec statut": when you win too munch time, you lose, what ever the player you play aginst.  And your win depend of the ration of your advers. I f it's better than yours, you lose.
I depend on resign also. So you see the factor of losing are multiples. See information of your advers to estimate the propbability to win.

Of course! Dice can't be random. If them, so not program is necessary.
But, he HAD to determitade the winner!
A free backgammon site is dependent on advertising. As a player you will receiive a lot of “lucky throws”. And yes, there are too many doubles. 
The worst problem is: you start playing a different kind of backgammon on this site. Which means you must be aware not to play like this when Racing a serious game. 
When one player is favored and the opponent is blocked repeatedly it’s not called a game but a rigged game . I don’t no the reason behind this but after playing about 50000 games since 2018 I arrived to this conclusion and so do many others. Most players with over 1000 points don’t deserve to get there 
I won the tournament at least 3 times in 2 years and yet the reason I still low points is because my opponent is the SERVER and not the player!!