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Dear Admins/OP. | Update TANX Please.
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Dear Admins/OP. | Update TANX Please.
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Dear Admins/OP. | Update TANX Please.
Il get straight to the point as I know you're likely to be busy.

My question is.. are you ever going to update TANX?
It's been like 8 years since it worked properly. You need to spend so long looking for a stone aged browser version that somehow still works with it to actually get onto it and that's a bit ridiculous.

You folks promised to me directly and so many others so many years ago that you would convert Tanx into HTML5 like you did all the other games and it appears as though you never actually did it.

If all the other games work fine on most browsers then so should TANX.

I have given you 13 years of my time and so many years worth of memberships over the years, thousands of hours played on games here ..mostly on that one and it's been heavily neglected for so many years now.

As a long term loyal member on your website I am kindly requesting that you actually DO something about it and attempt to fix that game for us few who still care..

They might not be as vocal as yours truly but believe me mate, I am not the only person who is still here wanting to play that game having issues.

There's two easy ways to make it better.

Convert it like you promised so it works on modern browsers like the other games or make the downloadable PC version of the game work without the need of buying a subscription so everyone can actually access the game without having browser issues and java errors because almost EVERY browser is incompatible with it.

I will gladly buy a subscription even if the PC version worked without one for the premium features it offered back in the old days. But as of now there is no point in paying for one because the player base is so depleted its near impossible to find someone to play except during Tournaments and those who do want to play probably can't even login without buying a membership due to the browser issues. Finding a consistently working browser to get on the game is incredibly difficult and I currently cannot find one myself.

Please keep in mind this message is directed at the Admins and Developers, not other players or Moderators.

Please respond as it's been a very long time since there was any sign of it happening.

Kind Regards, Jeff.
Thanks for the ever so swift response, Daniel.
Not sure why i actually expected to get a response. I mean the last time I had a conversation with an admin was 10 years ago lol.

What a darn shame, oh well.
I got you as a friend from Tanx, I dont need the game specificly when i know the friends around me ive been going on with from the modern era days when the game didnt just had good players but alot of nice guys and girls and they made the game what it makes for me to come back and play, to praise our past and wish good luck to the people i will always keep in my memories.
Bumped for the admin/operator to read.