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Account Banned
Account Banned
Account Banned
Hey, made this account to let you know that digslut and all my characters were banned today shortly after the diamond shovel incident. I'm guessing because of my digslut account name. I tried several times to fix the problem with my account name and character name's. I don't seem to have the ability to appeal this decision or explain that I was trying to get the name's changed but due to FOD staff being all but non existant I couldn't get it rectified before the ban happened. I would hope I could get another chance but unfortunately after all the work to steal a diamond shovel and being so close to an epic heist just to get canned has killed my motivation to start over. Eze, Nicram, Will, Robbie it was a pleasure stealing from all of you the last 3 months and if I don't get back online ill troll the discord for a few weeks to see what's going on. <3 you all
I am sorry to hear about this - if it was due to the names alone, then I can testify that you have been putting some effort into getting these changed, and would be happy to see this issue resolved. Again, if this is only about the names you chose along the way, then a name change in all cases could work. Changing an account name may be more difficult - you really need very high-level admin clearance or even interference to get it done. Perhaps a new acc would be simpler all together, but I can understand your reasons for not to restart. 

After learning about the heist, I personally feel that just waiting for the next event and getting the next shovel with us backing you up would have worked out much better, and would have been a far more honest approach, along with at some point, a timely confession probably being in place about the heist, too. But I must confess that hearing all of this being so well-planned-out was pretty amusing! I hope this wasn't the main reason behind you getting banned, and it was just the names.

I hope this is not the end of your career here - you definitely spiced things up here, on multiple levels! I would be happy to see you back in action!

I would like to have a request though, which is also in accordance to the TOS. Please refrain from other player's impersonations. I do, to an extent find it also amusing, to the extent that in other, not-to-be-named games it is an ongoing and ever-existing prank to mimic, or mock other players - I think a few of us would actually be up for it even here. But it CAN get very confusing, especially for any future returning players who have no idea what's going on. At first, I was shocked to see myself on the forum, I thought I got banned as part of some twisted fate or joke, and apparently, others were confused to see me banned, too. 

So my request would be to refrain from impersonating other players in the future. 


Lab Chemist is my new "real" account to mess around with on. The diamond shovel was a joke but the refund happened so fast that I guess there's an extra one now haha. I am enjoying having fun with will experimenting what is possible with 2 shovels and if they can actually be stolen in quantities of 2.

My new characters are:

Dig Shmuck
Not Brawndo
Shovel Thief
Balloon Runner