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Big oops
Big oops
Big oops
EZE I need your help! I don't know if you are active on the larki discord but I accidently stole the diamond shovel from the event today. I was just leveling my robbing I didn't know it was even possible to rob this from someone.

Will, i'm sorry I promise I didn't mean to do it!
I am seriously laughing at this right now.

Honestly, I had no idea this was possible either.  I know single items are supposed to be safe from robbing/stealing, so this is completely unexpected.  Great to know that this game can still surprise us.

I'm sending Shoveler a new shovel, and congratulations to digslut on his unexpected windfall (you can have fun trying to figure out how to get it to a digger).

For anyone who does have a diamond shovel, I suggest equipping it to keep it safe.

Still laughing.